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  1. .......sorry zoned out there for a moment. This is a wonderful piece of art and fit's to the theme of the Final Fantasy series. (which is, love, hope and companionship.) I wouldn't be surprised in Nobou himself came and asked if he could use this for a FF game.
  2. OH MY GOD THIS SUXS!!!!! lol just kidding. I have never heard any remix better then this on the site and I've heard quite a few great ones. I REALLY wish this was in the game but then this wouldn't be a remix now would it. The guitar was the best with how it went with the whole song. And when it slower and quieter towards the end I started to tear up. It's like something from Nobuo Uematsu. Yeah that image would be awesome though for some reason I imagined Sora owning all of Organization XIII when I was listening to this. Maybe it was because I was just playing KH2 Final Mix + earlier.
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