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  1. Yeah, it's Vincent's theme...By the way, am I the only one that thought the ending was appropriate? I kinda like the jarring effect; it's almost as if the heart just..stopped... I have to commend Zyko on being the first (if not the first, the first in a long time) to make a musical piece that actually made me think about it afterwards...almost as if I'd just listened to a story. I guess that is why I liked the ending; it didn't need to fade out, it needed an ending...and a creepy one. Overall, this is amazing; especially on a technical aspect. Not sure if I'd listen to it repeatedly, but
  2. i know ive listened to analoq's aquacadence and sonik azure, but this one just seems the best out of his mixes. more like they get better and better with each new addition i just love every aspect of this, EVEN the ending. i didn't notice a problem with it..i was too busy grroving keep up the good work analoq!! (three 1st place, wow!)
  3. Wow, I loved the original but now I'm having a hard time deciding which I like better. I might be a bit biased because I love Dub, Reggae, Ska, etc...I'm also the type that loves it when a remixer strays way out in left field with their mixes, and only throws in a few key elements of the original song. If you listen to the original you'll be amazed at how different, yet alike these are. I think that's why I like DJP's mixes so much. He just does some truly crazy shtuff that are sometimes even unheard of, but it always seems to work out well in the end in my mind
  4. I think this is my favorite Remix by Quinn Fox, although I also loved "Mamabrain" and PSO's "LobbyStatic" (in fact, I'll listen to them right now!). I'll also agree with DJP that this one was recorded at a low volume, but I kinda think that all of his mixes are.. ; This mix is beautiful though, I like your certain "style" of remixing, and I think I could recognize it anywhere. (Does that make sense?) This song is just very relaxing and the instruments you chose (and how you used them) are wonderful! I adore it. The ending note is just a little bit strange, but that's only one small qualm. I ca
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