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  1. this was very well said. i agree with it all. this remix was such a nice change of pace for the CT collection... still is. and again, yeah.. if you play it and think of it as its own, it holds its own. it really is inspiring in a sense that in takes you to a certain place... makes you think, if that makes sense.
  2. this easily became one of my favorite CT remixes when i first DL'd this. such great stuff... and this was his FIRST piece? awesome. still is one of my favorites ever.
  3. wow.. i cant believe how much criticism this got and how hard it was to officially submit this. ive always LOVED this remix for many reasons.. it has such an amazing vibe to it.. it makes me feel like im in the CT world for sure. i love listening to this track if im ever going out for a walk at night. anyway, im really greatful for this remix. thank god it was eventually accepted.
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