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  1. Wow, honestly, I was impressed the moment this song started. I love the retro style you gave to it. You kept it interesting by changing stuff around and it never got stale. A very awesome take on the Outset Island theme.
  2. I really find it hard to believe that MM hasn't been touched yet. The game has one of the most memorable soundtracks ever. A MM album would be something that any old-gen gamer (anyone who's been gaming since before GC, PS, and Xbox) would highly anticipate. Not to mention that nearly every song in there has potential in that they're not too repetitive or too short. I definitely support a MM album.
  3. I've never played the game, and I've never heard the original song, but this remix screams awesome.
  4. Wow, why am I just finding out about this T_T.
  5. Ah, I thought that song was familiar. I'd forgotten about the other remixes.
  6. Feels like a lot of well known songs from that game could make some good remixes. If youve ever played the game you should recognize some of these songs just by the title. I've got the soundtrack in front of me so I'll just name some of the most remix-able songs. Title Theme/Clock Town Last Day (music of clock town before the moon lands) Astral Observatory Song of Healing/Clock Tower Pirates Fortress (obscure song, but very good) Oath to Order/Giant's Theme/Calling the Four Giants Ballad of the Wind Fish (kinda short, would take some real creativity) Majora's Mask/Incarnate/Wrath (differents songs that share the same core sounds) Deku Palace Rosa Sisters/Kamaro's Dance (might not be identifiable by the title) Milk Bar Stone Temple (there's actually a remix for this already) These are probably the most unique and remix-worthy tracks from the game. Cmon people, show MM some love:puppyeyes:
  7. The song is so incredible. It wraps you within a flow that seems to tell a story or portray some kind of notion of dramatic urgency. When listening to it, I feel like I'm witnessing the finale of some astronomical event of heroism. This song feels alive.
  8. The song I'm requesting is the theme of the battle vs. Omega. The song is pretty awesome and I think it has good remix potential (meh, but who am I to judge). Recorded it awhile ago, but when I recorded it it came out very noisy. I tampered with it to reduce the noise, but that made some of the more subtle sounds more noticable. But otherwise, the file is the same as it is in the game. http://files.filefront.com/Megaman+ZX+Omega+Battlemp3/;9404000;/fileinfo.html Plz and thank you to anyone that considers it. *crosses fingers*
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