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  1. um, hello? Don't take my team lightly. Ever heard of "the element of suprise"?
  2. I've been playing Diamond ever since i got the game last year during the summer time. The pokemon in my team are the ones that you see in my siggy. I'm not the type that tries to collect them all, if anything, I'm more of a trainer and a battler. I'm always up for battles... if you wanna battle me or trade something (although i doubt i have anything you would want), just PM me, AIM me, or MSN me so we can exchange friend codes.
  3. Instead of doing seperate posts for each song i created (since peope are anal here), Here are all of my works... Just click on the song name to download. I am always making more, so whatever new ones i make, I'll post a new reply, and edit the first post. ORIGINALS 1. Cloud Cruiser - ::CMG (UTOPIA):: ::NEW:: 2. Insanity (Dance To The Music) - ::CMG (UTOPIA):: 3. Mecha Ironworks - ::CMG (UTOPIA):: 4. Organ City (Chicago Club Mix) - ::CMG (UTOPIA):: 5. Organ City (Super Kord Style) - ::CMG (UTOPIA):: REMIXES 1. Around The World (Peaceful Planet Mix) - ATC Remixed By ::CMG (UTOPIA):: 2. Dark Black Forest (Jungle Muk Party Discovery) - ::CMG (UTOPIA):: 3. Hasse Mich (Combat In The Cage Mix) - Onyx Remixed By ::CMG (UTOPIA):: 4. TSUTOPIAMUSH - Family Farce Remixed By ::CMG (UTOPIA)::
  4. Currently in NY... might be moving this year, but don't know where, lol XD
  5. Wut up? The name is Chris and now you know what the C in CMG stands for. I come from the world of DDR/ITG/Stepmania. I am a 2 year step file maker. I've always been a big fan of OC Remix and the stuff the guys make. Recently I've been venturing into the remixing world myself, and have made a few remixes of my own, only a few of them video game related... which I plan on submitting here to become just like the rest Other then that, not really good with intros so anything you wanna know about me, just PM me or send me an message on AIM or MSN.