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    Long time gamer and listener at OCR, I've never worked up the guts or the recording equipment to actually try an arrangement myself! I love hearing what everybody comes up with, though.
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  1. Heard about this contest from the OCR Youtube channel and of course I had to enter! My roomie and I used to plunk out Final Fantasy music on the piano when we were in college. It would be an honor to see the famous man behind the music!
  2. PsyHam

    Let's get OCR to do Sonic 4's music!

    I noticed Sonic 4's website just updated with the first track from Splash Hill Zone, and I must say... I'm pretty disappointed! Did the composer only have one soundfont installed? Come on! I know they were probably going for a retro feel, but if you compare it even to the original Starlight Zone, it just falls flat. Honestly I feel OCR could have done a much better job with the soundtrack. :-/
  3. PsyHam

    April is Support OCR month

    I've been listening to remixes off of this site for a long time, and just now finally got around to making my first post in this forum community. I'm glad to say that it's to tell you all that I'm pitching in $10 as well to help keep the site running! Wish I could contribute even more, but Uncle Sam is draining my pockets dry this tax season. Thanks for being here and doing what you do; your music helps my work day go faster!