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  1. The Sigma fight is even shorter. You have to wait for the dog to bounce off the wall first; Sigma just rushes right into the Hadouken. If X2 counts, Shoryukening Agile form 2 doesn't take too long either.
  2. My friend Thorkon (known for his 8-bit black mage, white mage, and super mushroom PC cases) just finished his latest amazing PC case mod creation, Link from The Legend of Zelda. Check out the time-lapse video of the build on (featuring a Zelda music medley by [sleepytimejesse]), then give him an upvote on Reddit, and find him on Facebook as 8-Bit Builder.
  3. It's a tough call. I like that the red flames are instantly recognizable as flames, as opposed to the blue... mist. I don't like the green tinge on X's helmet on the all-blue ones. pu_freak's latest one brings out X's color scheme (to be really picky, the visor lining his helmet should be a lighter blue), and I do like the gold letter X in the logo. It's a question of whether the blue and red clash too much; the original, red one has simplicity in its favor, although there might still be room to make the X gold. Whichever color scheme wins, I do like the art in general.
  4. The avatar of awesomeness himself Egoraptor just did a spotlight on Mega Man X: It's fantastic... even if he could have gushed about the soundtrack more.
  5. Comprising of music arrangements from the Megaman X series of games. Watch the usage of "comprise." While the above usage has become fairly common, it's technically correct to say that "This is an album comprising music arrangements from the Mega Man X series," or "This album comprises music arrangements..." Alternately, you could say that "This album consists of..." or "This album is composed of music arrangements."
  6. Right; their tracks are well-done for what they are, and I greatly appreciate the fact that a good, metal MMX cover band exists, but it's all very straightforward and over pretty quickly. So I'm really looking forward to hearing them expanded and reinterpreted OCR style, especially if Devastus and WillRock's GMRB tracks are any indication.
  7. I'm very glad that it'll be such an extensive release; the plethora of tracks and arrangements will make me a happy camper. I recently picked up the X Hunters' album, and it just intensified my craving to hear what the OC ReMix community comes up with!
  8. So metal...the wait for the finished product just got even more unbearable... But thanks for the teaser!
  9. Happy birthday, SnappleMan! You've created some of my favorite work in this community. I still love banging my head to your Project Chaos shredding!
  10. Troubleshooting, please! Some of the FLAC files decoded as 24-bit WAVs* which, when burned to CD, come out as static. (I used EAC to burn so that I could make my own cue sheet with CD-Text.) If I open them in Audacity and export them as 16-bit WAVs, will they come out at optimal CD quality, or should some other software be used for dithering? Or, assuming that others are having this problem too, can we get fixed FLACs that decode to 16 bit WAVs? (Unless it's just a glitch on my machine.) *I wonder if these are actually higher-quality versions, or just blown-up file sizes.
  11. The Mega Man X2 X-Hunter Stage 1 theme just popped into my head. Awesome to see that Sixto's going to be handling it! I really can't wait. In the meantime, there's this girl's quick 'n' dirty guitar cover: I'm a guitarist and I've loved the Mega Man X series since its inception. Unfortunately, being in my last undergrad semester at college, Flash Man isn't on my side, so it's not terribly likely I'll be able to tip my hat to the series in time for this project. Just looking at that roster, though... *enthusiasmgasm*
  12. :lol:Thank you. I can picture Zero with teased hair and a bandanna.
  13. Awesome! I'm planning on attending, as long as my college work doesn't get in the way.
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