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  1. I can still remember play DOOM using the Roland SCC-1 for music output, and E1M5 was my favorite 1-player level in any DOOM game, probably because of this song. It was really sort of scary, and on hard, quite! There was definitely a gestalt thing going on, whereby the music and gameplay were greater than the sum of the parts, a lot more than other levels in the game. Obviously the remix strays far from the original, yet it's still quite beautiful in a totally different way, and still reminiscent. It adds a lot, and the only thing it takes away is the quite underrated suspense of the original, just because it's a lot more upbeat. I like it.
  2. The one at the end of Blaster Master was pretty hard, because I was so afraid I'd die after a whole day of playing the game my hand were shaking and my heart was pumping like pumping was going out of style. And I think I had to replay the whole game 2 or 3 times.
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