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    Hey! I'm guess I need to describe myself here. well I have a lot of layers... like a cake. not an onion! Who really wants to unwrap an onion. that would just be a whole lot of crying! I'm a pretty nice and down to earth! I also travel a lot because of my work, its kind of hard on my social life so I tend to escape with music and video games haha so this site seems perfect for me! I am a pretty big dork. **if your wondering what I do that allows me to travel.. I'm a contract model, I KNOW I KNOW it sounds stupid. Its not something I ever pursued.. please don't pre judge me. I've been working steady for 2 years now, I'm not famous or anything!! But I think its a great way to make a little extra cash for a rainy day.. or ebay? :P I'm also French so my English is not always 100%! if you have any questions or need a chat buddy just drop me a line.

    **I'm also half inuit. So my name on this forum is relevant! I was born way up north in Nunavut but grew up in Montreal. Lol both my french and native culture are separatists... wow I'm so random. I keep typing lol!! Umm but yeah my real name is Alex! :D
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  1. hey everyone! I'm new here! I found this site searching for jade cocoon songs. so far it seems like everyone is pretty cool! I posted all my info on my profile... I actually put time in it! so if u want to know more about me u can read it or message me! also welcome everyone els that is new!
  2. This is an amazing AMAZING remix! I love jade cocoon! Brings back so many memories of my childhood when me and my friends would play out the game in the forest. lol we were dorks! **we are dorks! I just bought the soundtrack off ebay. worth every penny! You need to make more! *searching for jade cocoon tracks was actually how I found this site and why I joined it lol! so thank you!!