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    I've been out of music for a while now, but now re-armed with Sonar X1, a cheap yet useful midi controller, and a large selection of synths and samples I have begun working on a come back remix which I'm crossing my fingers will make it through the all-mighty judges
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  1. Thanks, I haven't really done anything to it since, mostly 'cause I don't want to mess it up by going the wrong way with it, but I'm getting pretty antsy to hear more
  2. Haven't even named it it's so new. Just started working on this after finishing my Gears of War 2 remix (fingers crossed the judges will like it, my first remix in about 8 years). My first tendency for most mixes is to load a string section and rely on it quite a bit, dunno about doing that for this one. But who knows, maybe it'll really work. https://soundcloud.com/digidistortion/new002
  3. Any particular genre your looking for? 'Cause I was thinking of tackling something from this series myself, haven't given much thought to it yet.
  4. What DAW are you using? almost sounds like FL. but your levels are off a bit, your kick could have more depth to it, and maybe more to the hat, I'd fill in the breaks if I were going with that genre. The synths were a little basic, but in a Techno/Trance genre most things stay basic. The arrangement was good though, everything sounded like it was where it should be, and it's definitely a good start.
  5. I'd suggest maybe taking the hat out of the intro and have a piano intro. Maybe more rhythm to the piano to expand it a little more, and again I'd put that same addition to the 1:55 mark too. The overall mix is done very nicely, a nice chill jazz feel to it, nice work with the solo at the 2:40 mark, maybe adjust the sound so almost more Hammond B3 sounding, that would really add to the overall jazz sound. The arrangement is pretty good though, aside from the intro.
  6. Been working this one for a while and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks https://soundcloud.com/digidistortion/trance-canada-guns-at-dawn P.S. I am really wanting to change my name too, so if any anyone has some good suggestions I'd appreciate that too. I have no plans to continue with Trance and I don't really want to be limited with Canada
  7. $500's a little more then I was hoping, if I was gunna spend anything near that I'd go for the $200 Session Strings, that sounds sick
  8. If there is an orchestration vst that makes it into an orchestration that would be awesome and I'd almost pay anything for that, but no, I am looking for some really good sounds. I'm not using FL, or haven't for almost 5 years now, I'm using Sonar. And I was never really too impressed with the sounds FL had stock
  9. I've been looking around trying to find some really descent Orchestration plug-ins or soundfonts, preferably free, I've found Syntheway Strings and Session Strings, both aren't free and my finances don't really support them right now, does anyone haveany good suggestions?
  10. hey man, I gotta say I'm really impressed with your remix castle crescendo. I love the style, I've been wanting to try a couple songs in a very similar style but I don't have any good orchestra sounds, if you don't mind me asking what are you using for the strings? a VST? I've trie soundfonts and they're pretty crappy.

  11. Ya, I'm using Chromeplus That's awesome, thanks
  12. I've not been around here for a while and now that I'm back I want to download a bunch of awesome remixes I've missed over the years and every time I go to download all I get is it playing in a new window and can't seem to download. What's up with that?
  13. man, this song kicks @$$, I didn't even realise where it was from in the game right away, and even still it really sounds like an awsome original trance song
  14. Oh man, I was starting a remix of this song a little while ago and had a very similar idea, but I doubt it would have turned out as good as this, very VERY nice
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