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  1. Not sure if there are users here who (still) scrobble ... I do since 2008 ... was saddened to find that OCRemix tracks are no longer working (for at least few months!) Currently, tracks from Latest ReMixes (singles) on the website have album tagged as: "" (older ones show www as well), Album Artist tag is "OverClocked ReMix" (fine). - audioscrobbling has blacklisted "http://" from submissions - tracks with that album are not longer scrobbling. Even if the submission is urlencoded. confirmed the http part is blacklisted Can we change it to something that works by default, without the need of us to edit the tag? My proposal is to use: "" - that is working fine.
  2. Dizzy Adventures Big Nose - The Caveman Micro Machines Tiny Toon Adventures Those I played a lot, especially Dizzy

    Sony PSP

    not really, but all the time the same, so after 20h it might irritate your ears ... some more break would be adviced ... still great game to play every second day (with my lovely DJ Max Portable )

    Sony PSP

    I got Patapon, it's great although not for ears same PATA and PON can be painfull, I have to find music.prx at last to play my MP3 files during game
  5. 1st sorry if this is wrong section. Hi I am writing here because I was toying with awesome Chrono Symphony graphics (red/blue planets) and would like to release what I've created(mixed). So I am asking for permission to release it. Of course I will fully credit Eon_Blue(I was told he did the graphic), but I cannot contact him either here or ICQ so I decided to ask other people about it here. My submission would be on the I am asking for general opinion of everybody here? Cheers