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  1. I listened to Starlight Festival recently and thought it was fantastic. I've been looking for something to play on the piano but haven't been interested in anything until I heard this. While I was searching to see if there was any sheet music for your rendition, I came across that you said (last December) that sheet music was on its way. Is that still the case?
  2. Replying because I am in it to win it. OCRemix and FF are great.
  3. I have trying to make electronic music on and off for a few years now, but the main thing I would really like to learn more about incorporating strings into songs. Specifically, the awesome string hits in Diggy Dis' Gerudo Valley remix, "Mamacitas in My Valley" are something I would like to strive toward. Also, i've always struggled while trying to construct "realistic" electronic/acoustic guitar leads (and even the power chords too ). If anyone has tips on getting a better handle on strings (awesome hits, leads, pads, etc), I would greatly appreciate them! E.g. A start might be some soundf
  4. Happy Birthday! OC Remix is the best.
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