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    I'm a finnish music fanatic, I play the guitar and I love retro game music.

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  1. Oh crap, seems like I have to wait 'till summer because I live in Finland. Still haven't got my Wii connected to the web . Also realized that I still haven't completed Zelda TP omg, I really should play my Wii more.
  2. Hey, I'm new to the forums this is my first post. Anyway onto topic, I own an Ibanez RG520 since 2004 and I love it, I believe they don't make those anymore, but if you can find a similar one from someone, I'd go for it. If not, I think you should go with Ibanez RG2550 or a similar model, they cost around ~1000, they're very nice for all kinds of rock and soloing and more, I really love the thin neck. The 2550 is equipped with DiMarzio pickups which, according to many, are better than the Ibanez V pickups which sound a bit too muffled. If that's the type of guitar you're looking for the other brands that might suit your needs would maybe be Jackson and Schecter, ESP etc.