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  1. I have no idea what those are so no, and besides since this was done on Reason, it doesn't even support vsts. :)

    Peach is a vst with basically a crap load of programmed NES sounds into it.

    Triforce is similar, but instead of having just presets it let's you change the sounds.

    Toad is like peach, but it is mostly percussion used in NES.

  2. Ooo very eerie! I thought this was very beautiful (I know that's not exactly what you were going for but I see beauty in all piano music.)

    I liked the structure of the piece, although I was waiting for some short bass melodies or arpeggios...it works fine without them though.

    Although this was very eerie, something about those few extended chords both major and minor drew a beautiful scenery but viewed as if from inside a cage or as if it was out of reach.

    I like it!

  3. I wrote this song on piano on a vacation about my cousin who seems to act as if she had OCD.

    The piano original is in the D section the song (there is an A, B, C, D, E, and F section although they are all the same progression).

    The structure of this song on file is completely and utterly messy and I made it just to abuse this progression in every way that I can - it's not supposed to be a nice song just something that's funny and OCD.

    Tell me how you like it ;-)!


  4. 3:26!! Where are the hard trance synths?

    I love the intro and it's progressive trance style.

    I love the rolling bass throughout.

    One thing that sounded out of place was the marimba (or was it a short synth?) sample.

    Maybe it's just the music I listen to, but I think the first 3 minutes of this would lead perfectly up to a hard saw synth.

    I love KBB music, and this is awesome!

  5. No, because it's rather expensive for its complexity (though it sounds pretty good). Rob Papen's Predator would probably be a better choice (and more versatile). Sylenth1 has as main advantage that each oscillator can go into unison mode itself, and it's got a pretty good bandwidth and nicer filters than Synth1.

    As for panning: you take like 4 channels of Synth1 that each have the same patch (you probably want to switch off effects) - each detuned a bit (consider -5 -15 and +5 +15).

    You pan the -5 and +15 hard left and the +5 and - 15 hard right. Then you put an EQ on the -5 and +5 and take away a bit of low and boost a bit of mid-high. There's a zillion combinations thinkable.

    By spreading it like that you could get more depth in your sound than mere unison spread on a pair of oscillators would get.

    I BLAME YOU! I BLAME YOU on the hours alone I am about to spend in my room trying out all of these zillion combinations...I thought I was addicted already O_O

    But seriously, thank you so much for you help - that is exactly the kind of technique I needed!

  6. I know that I have had a lot of these questions in the past, but I thought I was getting good at recreating synths until this god of a sound came through my headphones - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk4R_aBWs3g&feature=related

    2:29 :shock:

    I know synth1 isn't capable of this no matter how many times I layer it...but I am considering buying Vanguard which I have gotten pretty close to this with the demo.

    Anyone with better ears and experience think they can pick apart and ID this sound?

  7. is there a specific reason you want a laptop? desktops are always better than laptops in terms of cost, they'll always outpace a laptop's performance, and since you'll be at college you'll be near enough to your system to use it. buy a shitty laptop off of ebay for fifty dollars (like i did...xubuntu ran like a dream on it) and put the cash into your desktop. no one actually NEEDS to compose on the go, anyways, the only reason to have a nice laptop is if you fly a lot. a netbook or an old craptop is all you need for taking notes in class =)

    Yeah I have a really good desktop that can basically do anything, and I've considered getting the shitty laptop deal...but I determined that I won't bring my desktop to college with me (at least not initially) because of how far I have to travel and the conditions. So for the first year or semester all I will have is a laptop and that's why I want a nice one.

    Thanks for the laptop info/suggestions, very useful!

  8. I'm gonna hijack...or rather add to this thread ...

    So let's say this guy wants a laptop under $1k that can run basically Microsoft Office and Fruity Edition. Would there be anything in the Dell Inspiron category that would be sufficient? (Basically, it's for college and I need word processing, good memory and good enough sound technology to be my main Finale / Fruity composing and arranging tool.)

  9. So far in my time spent on OCRemix, I haven't met too many Hardcore Techno fans and I must admit that I am one. What got me hooked was the Crush on Hardcore 3 series which was released FREE and soon COH4 will be released for FREE.

    This isn't Gabber.

    This isn't Cheesy Happy Hardcore.

    This is energetic, Breakbeat, Happy (ok sometimes cheesy) Hardcore.

    I hope to persuade any other techno fans, whether it be Electronica or Trance etc. to listen...just give a chance to this awesome genre. It has only been a year since I started to enjoy this kind of music, and it has not only made me more interested in music as a career...but it my enjoyment has made me discover new kinds of music like Trance 8-O8-O8-O which I now love.

    So check out some Crush on Hardcore 3 if you can, and if you feel up to it get COH4 when it comes out on June 22!


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