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    Love to game, write, draw, listen to music and am attempting to learn how to make my own.
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    Carpet Installer
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    Brakzias Yato

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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm

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  1. Hey all. Not new to the site, but a new member to the forums. I've been listening to Remixes for about four years now and they still fill me with inspiration everytime I hear them. Hope to get along with everyone and help as many people as I can with as much (or as little) as I know. Thanks guys!
  2. I second this. To all you Remixers out there, thanks for all the awesome, inspirational music. We love you all and appreciate your hard work.
  3. Wouldn't it be just as easy to identify by putting the words on the card? Or why not do both? Make them colour coordinated to your status as a member and have the title just under your name. Seems like a good idea to me...
  4. Requesting a remix of the Mission 4 level. I know ParagonX9 made a remix of it recently, which is awesome, which drives me to want even more considering this was my favorite music from the game. I was hoping to get a more... rock style if I could. Anyone willing to undertake this would be greatly worshiped as a God.
  5. This is some sweet work man. Hope to hear some more soon.
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