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    I'm a lover a music, though more so, game music.

    I personally have no clue if I can actually remix music since I've erm, never really tried. Though I do love hearing other people's remixes and I'd like to think I'm a good judge of music.

    My favorite game, in order, by soundtrack(s) are:
    1. Castlevania
    2. Square Enix games (KH, FF, Mana)
    3. Legend of Zelda
    4. Street Fighter
    5. Mario
    6. Sonic
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    Artist, Manager, Gamer,
  1. I'm hoping for Plug Man honestly. I simply love his theme.
  2. I love guitars, violins, drums... And as far as genre, I actually like most types. But my favorite are violins and guitars.
  3. I'm really wanting to do a contest for this (if permitted) but I'll try this first: Is there anyone who can do or has done a good remix of the following tracks to the following games?: Mad Forest from Castlevania 3 (I've got Goat's version already, which was great but I'm looking for something else...) Reunion from Final Fantasy 7 (I have the two versions posted here but again, looking for another version since I've had them for a year or two.) Legend from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. (It was included in a beautiful piano remixed melody for the game but I'm looking for a version that i
  4. Hello everyone! I've been a long time listener to this site and I've finally decided to join in the fun of forums and chat it up! I love music as whole, more so game music and while I can't make my own remixes (I haven't really tried, I'll admit), I do love hearing people's other interpretations and creativity of their own. It's really nice to meet you all and I hope to enjoy more great remixes from the lot of you! ~Rita
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