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  1. So yeah, this is about halfway done. This could best be described as euphoric trance, with a bit of house elements and some breakbeat thrown in.
  2. I'd say you've nailed the Elfman resemblance. I don't notice anything particularly wrong with it at all, really, so sorry I can't come up with some criticism. Really nice progression, and yes those dynamics sound nice through these headphones.
  3. I found it interesting actually... I guess because I had my mind set on what I expected it to sound like, and it was completely different.
  4. Not bad; I like the intro; the synth there sounds a tad cheesy as does the bass synth that comes in around :15. The bass synth sounds overcompressed but that could just be Myspace. There are some EQ problems here and there... especially that kick; I feel like it needs to be bassier. The percussion samples sound extremely familiar (vipzone, perhaps?) and the snare... needs quite a bit, heh. The song's structure is really not bad but needs a LOT more melodic progression; for the most part it stays monotone. It was a bit difficult to find a climax or anything of the sort. But again, just work some more with it, and you'll get better over time. =D
  5. That's one thing I've considered... though I admit, I like it dry in the intro, as it helps make the build larger. I'll see if I can think up something...
  6. I've been working on this track for quite some time, and I've kind-of hit a brick wall (nothing time won't fix, though ), and I would like to know what you guys think of it so far. I guess you could say the genre would be breaks, but more breaktrance I suppose because it is HIGHLY trance influenced. A lot of composition as well as mixing is done already, but I plan on adding a few more things and touching up on the EQ again.
  7. Heya guys, I'm Synius, formerly known as Arcsynth or Lythe, if you by some random chance have met me elsewhere a long time ago. =P I've been doing music for about 3 years now, and I can't get enough of it. I've only really attempted a video game remix once, and, well, let me just say that was long ago. XD I've experimented with many electronic genres, but it seems like Trance (specifically, Melodic/Dark and Progressive) is my forte. If you're interested in what I sound like, you can check out my sites in my signature. If you want to talk, feel free to send me an IM via AIM. =D