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    I'm a music student going for a BA in Theory and Composition. I remaster video game music and I'm an artist with Joypad Records.
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  1. I'd like my username to be changed to "sschafi1" please! 'Tis the same as my YouTube name; makes me easier to find Thanks!
  2. Not bad. Pretty good stuff here. I feel like the piano is much too overbearing; maybe either lower the velocity of the attack or balance the volume. Same goes with the flutes later on. We'd be able to hear them just fine at a lower volume. As far as advanced mixing goes, I'm not too experienced, but I figured I'd point a couple things out for you
  3. Noted. I have the project loaded in Pro Tools as we speak so I brought it down the level of that E. Piano Edit: Here's an update. I lowered the volume on the E. Piano and added a little bit of compression. I also corrected the levels of the guitar solo (mainly when there's an accent on a higher note, those stuck out quite a bit too). Lowered the background vocals in the beginning to compensate for the lowered piano as well. http://tindeck.com/listen/lvcp
  4. Hey there all, Got another NieR remix for you to listen to. This one is pretty much finished; now I just need new sets of ears to help tweak the details. This is a retro funk style remix of "The Wretched Automatons", the Junk Heap dungeon theme. I gave it more of a 70s style funk groove and I used the a capella track from the Arranged Tracks album for the vocals. Vocals were used for background voices and the main verse. As the verse ends, the momentum is carried on by a clean electric guitar solo until the end of the song, with background vocals coming back as accompaniment toward the end. I mixed everything to the best of my ability, but I'm still an amateur, so I would love some mixing advice for this one before I submit it. I should add that this is my FIRST time mixing anything in this style of music, so please bear with me Here's the track: [Edit: Updated track in later post] Thanks for your time! It would help if I posted the original too, lol.
  5. Hey there guys, It's been a long time since I was last here (mainly because I do remasters rather than remixes), but I actually have a remix for you to look at! I wanted to do something with the NieR soundtrack, since it's one of my favorite OSTs of all time, haha. So I mixed it up by drastically switching genres. I haven't come up with a name for this remix yet, but maybe some of you can help me with that. Let me know what you think about the remix; I think it might be a bit too liberal with the theme, but the original piece is pretty much just a chord progression, so I thought being liberal might work. http://tindeck.com/listen/kyxz Here's the original for reference
  6. Well, Umaro does live deep in the mines of Narshe does he not? lol Chances are he had killed quite a few travelers who lost their way, haha.
  7. Thanks For the most part, I want to keep the music itself the same, so not really remix it. Depending on the track, I throw in a difference here and there to give a different take on it, like you said. For Narshe, I actualy preferred the sound of the Xylophone. I pictured Umaro playing a xylo made of bones, haha
  8. This thread is over a year old and I've never seen this yet, wow. Hey all, this is Sean Schafianski (sschafi1 on YouTube). I can't believe I never knew this thread existed; possibly because I'm hardly ever on OCR, lol. Thanks for the attention, Justin. I do agree with Dissidia as well, how some of my stuff is hit or miss. HOWEVER, a lot of time has passed since I uploaded those and I have gotten much better at mixing and mastering. I even got some great software to boot. My newest videos showcase what I can do now. I plan on updating the rest of my list and deleting the old vids that sound terrible. I have to admit, I was very limited by my software at the time, and I had no idea how to use Pro Tools or any other DAW for that matter, haha. Anywho, I'm glad my name is getting out there at least. Thanks for the plug, Justin! Feel free to check out my newest music too! http://www.youtube.com/sschafi1
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Can't really get around the guitar vibrato as it's part of the synth pad. Personally I don't find it too distracting. The flute however, is indeed overpowering. Probably should have fixed that beforehand, haha. I tried to make it a hybrid between a remix and a remaster, that's why it repeats. I wanted it to still be a remix but also be faithful to the original which repeats in the OST
  10. Not exactly a remix. More of a redux or a remaster. That being said, the orchestra seems to be balanced for the most part. The whole recording is just REALLY quiet. Like, my volume bar is all the way up and it's still quiet. Dynamics would help a lot as well. Swells when going up, diminuendo when descending, etc. One thing to consider when making an orchestral recording is the pan and EQ of the various sections. Harps are usually located on the left side of the stage, woodwinds occupy the second row of the orchestra and sound from maybe 25L to 25R. Basses in the back and panned hard right, etc. It's all about the stereo image and creating a real-sounding recording. I hope this helps!
  11. Hey all, I'm rather new to remixing, but I just finished this mix today and was thinking about subbing it to OCR. I would like to have another set of ears or two to listen to it and give any suggestions as to what to tweak. I've listened to it so many times that any subtle EQ changes seem to sound the same, haha. Here it is on Tindeck - http://tindeck.com/listen/erkc Any comments are appreciated!
  12. I have almost everything that Uematsu-san has ever released! From the FF OST's to Distant Worlds to The Black Mages albums. I love this composer with every fiber of my being! He's a freaking musical genius =) I was shocked to see how few "likes" his offical fb page had. We need to fix this soon!
  13. I do a lot of remastering for videogames (pretty high quality stuff). I'm wondering if I could technically submit those for judging? I don't just "add a drum loop to the original MIDI" but I take the source file and completely revamp it. It's still the same song straight from the OST, but with high quality VST instruments. It's a real long shot, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway
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