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  1. http://soundcloud.com/michael-lee-52/interrupted-by-fireworks i clearly have a thing for this song, to remix it a second time... tell me what you guys think! thanks
  2. Alright thanks for the input. I'll try to mess with the snares a bit, and also play around with some of the balancing. Also, do you guys feel like any instruments or parts are missing? I dont have much background in symphonic outside of chamber orxhestra (violins viola cello bass). Appreciate the feedback, and leave more if you guys think of any!
  3. hey all. I'm pretty new to non-live remixing, so I'll probably need a lot of help. Here's the link to what I've got right now. Thanks a lot for your help guys https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8LZiz1rCVPIcmRjdktNQkxTSnlTZnlWYl9qTUdQQQ
  4. first, you want to find out what kind of pickup it is. It's most likely the 'under the saddle' type of pickup, with piezo crystals. The water probably didn't do anything to the crystals, but to the electronics connected to them. I really have no idea how one would go about fixing this. But first things first, find out what type, and you can just replace it.
  5. i must say, your two VotL mixes (jenova and fading entity) are amazing. im blasting them on my headphones right now, and they're one of the few vgm remixes that i carry around with me wherever.

  6. hey, can you swap me back to bran bal? no matter how clueless i am as to what i want to do with the track, it's got so much more meaning in my ears. daguerro would be a cop out

  7. Hey, hop on AIM, I wanted to give you feedback on your song but you don't seem to be online anymore.

  8. i was gonna say celes dying too......... but then i read kb's post and saw that picture. now it's not sad anymore...at all. although it's not teary sad, i found majora's mask end-of-three-days pretty depressing
  9. i have this problem. the problem involves only your screen, not at all your computer (to make sure, try plugging in a diff computer on the monitor). for me, when i turn on the monitor, it's fine initially, but then that slowly turns to this big ugly bruise-like thing (hundreds of 'dead' pixels). there's also a pattern to the dead pixels, for me at least. they all cluster and look almost like a corner of a smaller square within the monitor's screen. it's time to get a new monitor.
  10. been trying to make songs specifically for loop pedals if you guys have any suggestions, please let me know so i can incorporate more ideas into it. thanks
  11. or you can go to a big guitar store and play em all so you know what you're getting is what you want
  12. i liked it up to around 0:27. up to 0:50, i thought it'd be nice if you used something different for the melody. can't wait to hear what else you'll do with this
  13. love the source, and love this too. The only thing I wasn't so fond of was the vocal bit. Sounded a little out of place to my ears.
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