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  1. Pixie, I absolutely love your vocals. To me, when vocals are done correctly, they add so much more to a song, style, class, and yet another layer of depth. Zircon's interpretation of the Maridia main theme is spot on, with the edge that gives this music the rare property of having just as much depth as the area Maridia itself. You two brought together a piece from a game likely to recieve criticism, and you just nailed it. A post-facto inclusion in the album would not be unheard of at this point, I think. The fact that this was done in BLinD's time of need just adds so much more to it. You t
  2. I have no words. Nothing can describe my feelings for this song, now matter how strong they are. This song is BLISS. everything melds together so perfectly, the drum lines, the guitars, even LT's vocals, for a remix so spine-chilling that it now features every time I listen to my mp3 player. Liontamer, I have to say, the vocals really MADE the remix. Everything else was awesome, but the vocals provide just the right hook to keep me listening, over and over. I originally heard it on VotLS, but I wasn't regged, and my internet was out. It wasn't until I read the article about it that I rememb
  3. Simply astounding. The rebirth of a God. Fits perfectly in with the Okami theme. I just have to say, I am a huge fan of Okami, and that it takes a lot to impress me with something related to it, because the originals were just SO GOOD. McVaffe, You have done it. My mind is blown.
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