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  1. Japanese Touhou remixes are EVERYWHERE on Niconico and Youtube, but remixes by Western fans are extremely rare. We definitely need to have some more OverClocked Touhou. Personally, I'd love to hear a remix of "A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander" from Touhou 12, because I haven't found too many Japanese remixes of that yet.
  2. I know, Ultra is a remake of Superstar, but the track I want remixed is only in Ultra - Galactic Knight's theme. Galactic Knight is the final boss of Meta Knightmare Ultra, and his theme is pretty kickass. I'll add a link to the music when I find it.
  3. I'm just reposting this, because I think the old thread disappeared. Anyway, some remixes of Super Paper Mario tracks would be nice.
  4. :tomatoface:Oh god. I hate Brawl Haters (aka the Melee cult). I don't hate Melee, I don't hate melee, and can see and accept why some might see Melee as better, but I'm sick and tired of people using that as an excuse to say Brawl sucks. Brawl isn't Melee 2, get over it. It's still kickass.
  5. And I arrive! Like a sudden windstorm at a kindergarten picnic! ... to bump this awesome request.
  6. Bumping makes me feel dirty... someone put me out of my misery and remix something from Super Paper Mario. Please?
  7. It makes me sad that there isn't any SSB remixes on the site. Ignoring the fact that most of the music from the SSB series are remixes of music from other series, there are still a lot of original tracks in the SSB series that deserve to be remixed, such as, but not limited to: SSB Metal Mario battle SSB Duel Zone (vs Fighting Polygon team) SSB Final Destination SSBM Metal battle SSBM Final Destination SSBB Main theme (which already has like 10 remixes in the game... but that tune is SO damn catchy...) SSBB Final Boss theme Yeah, so is anyone willing to remix something?
  8. This be teh bump of awesomeness. Seriously, someone remix these themes. They need some love! ... Otherwise, Super Dimentio will come to your house and eat your soul.
  9. Actually, both Brobot/Mr. L boss themes are really good, so here's the first battle's theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs7BvC1sO3M
  10. Thanks for pointing that out to me! I've only found a good remix of Count Bleck's theme at the Newgrounds Audio Portal: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/97081
  11. I would love it if ANY of the Super Paper Mario music, in all of it's awesomeness, was remixed. In particular, I would like The Ultimate Show (the final boss music) and the Brobot L-type boss music remixed. Thank you so much; it makes me said that this hasn't been remixed yet. Edit: Here are the two tracks I named: The Ultimate Show Brobot L-Type Battle
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