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  1. Here I am, coding away on my team's end of college project, the OCRemix youtube channel singing away in my ears while I listen half-heartedly, focused on my work. Then this song comes up, and I don't even realize that I start dancing in the middle of class. So, to avoid embarassment, I set the song back to the start, pull my earphones out and let it blast out of the computer's speakers. Cue more dancing, this time not from me. This song is epic. You need to remix the rest of the game's soundtrack in this style, and name the resulting album "Super Beat Boy". Guaranteed club hit.
  2. A fair helping of badass served with a side of awsomesauce and epic power by the shovel. Ladies and gentlemen, this month's quota has been reached and surpassed. Should another mix this good come out within the next thirty-one days, the earth will be annihilated under their combined head-bashing musical awesomeness. Let the earth BURN!
  3. Try this host to upload the new mix: www.rapidshare.com Can't wait to hear the fixed version
  4. Agreeing with Blarg. This is even more epic and awesome than the Black Mages' version of this song, and that's saying something. You two HAVE to work together again. It would be criminal otherwise.
  5. Just compose whatever you want, Justus. I'm sure we'll love it (if it gets through the judges, that is...)
  6. For those curious, this is the kind of game Perfect Cherry Blossom is: Madness? THIS. IS. TOUHOU! Absolutely beautiful song, Justus. It's a bit slow and short, but it's very smooth, and the original shines through the arrangement you did to it. Also, you're an insanely talented violinist. MOAR!
  7. It's hard to say what I like more about this song. Is it the creep factor of the intro combined to the broken drums and staccato choirs? Or when the beat and strings come up? No, I think it's at 1:05 and 1:14, when the electric guitar first comes in to deliver some awesome, and then the organ bursts into the place carrying more musical badassry in its bicep's triceps than Blood Bath and Fire Cross combined. The forest of illusions bit after is creepy and nice, too, but after that part, it's a bit like Freddy coming into your house with a machete after Chuck Norris and Rambo went apeshit at the furniture. Either way, this is made of awesome and win. I'd put 10/10, but 10 is an entirely too small number. More like 10^10/10. Hell, /1, because I don't feel like dividing the score.
  8. For those who don't know, Touhou is a series of Japanese wall-of-fire shooters for PC (with one fighting game and a few other user-created spinoff like Super Marisa Land). They're pretty challenging games (I keep getting clocked at stage 5 at Normal), but most of all their music is pretty damn catchy. There are plenty of Touhou remixes out there already, but I would love to hear the takes some of the remixers here would make on them. I don't think I can offer links to downloads, but do a quick Google for "Touhou games" and you won't have to look very far... you'd have to import them otherwise. Hint: Wikis don't offer downloads. Discussion?
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