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    I am just a guy who is about to turn 21 who enjoys lots o videogame music. And as you can tell, I like Nobunaga Oda, he is my favorite character on Samurai Warriors.
  1. I totally support this idea! An Area 6 remix in the aforementioned genres would rock hard. I hope somone will take up the project.
  2. So far, I like it. It sounds really good, and keeps to the original very well. I eagerly await the finished piece.
  3. Hello, how is everyone doing? I have surfed this site for awhile, but just recently signed up for the forums. I like almost every song I have downloaded from here. So just wanted to say hey, and I hope I can make some new friends.
  4. Hello, I just joined and am kind of new at this, but here goes. I was wondering if it would be possible to remix some Devil May Cry tunes. The ones I would really like to see, are Suffer, or any of the Vergil fight tunes, all from Devil May Cry 3. Thanks in advance.
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