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  1. Wow, this is my first actual work that I may keep working on. All day, I have been trying to find an inspiration and simply by seeing the new Animal Crossing Commercial, I knew had to go back a few AC Generations to the Gamecube. Listen here~ Welcome to the Forest http://pownce.com/GameboyKnight/notes/4350389/ This is still under major work, I want to add more elements to it as well as actually finish the song, which will contain 7 Animal Crossing themes. So far, I have a few songs from the Overworld on Gamecube and Tom Nook's Cranny Theme. Can you believe it took six hours just to make this little skelly? T_T I need all the insight and criticism you can offer! Don't hold back, just shoot!
  2. I could swear the first few seconds were very boring and then it became a strange mess. I was about to turn it off, but then my mother called me to feed the dogs. So, while feeding the dogs, I listened to this conundrum, that actually made me come back and start it again. The feel is so abstract you can't really see where it's going. The Hunter's Chance melody rings in every now and then, adding in some familiarity, then everything is back into chaos. It's an organized chaos, but I was surprised in this one really. I think my favorite part has to be the key change it gives it a synth-jazz-funk feel and this lasts for quite a while until it delves back into another key change into the melody. Like natto, this song really does have an acquired taste, but it is phenomenal, nonetheless.
  3. This is something new I am trying out. I did this work in Finale it's not finished, I just want to work on it in sections. Feedback is welcome on it so far. I will update this with every addition to it. The song's title is not definite, but the song itself will focus on a medley of Twilight Town themes. |(^o^)/ Please and thanks! http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/yeay/Golden-Afternoon
  4. I have been visiting this site for a few years listening to the plethora of amazing remixes here. Recently, I have purchased Finale Music and I have been using it to orchestrate. I have studied music for 8 years and I have played piano, tenor saxophone and flute for 10 years.
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