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  1. In my opinion you need to replace the synth with something else. To me it sounds too serious for the 'joyful, happy and energetic' style your aiming for. One problem with the song right now is the volume. I have a lot of music, and your song is 200-250% louder than most of it. I think you might need to turn the volume down a bit. Rozovian and Evktalo already pointed out most of the current issues, so there really isn't much more I can say until your next version of the song.
  2. Hey there. I've been listening to the remix for a while now, and I really like your take on the Molgera song. It has a very "Ballad of the Windfish" feel to it. I was listening to your newer version of the song, and I noticed that you pulled the Ocarina into the background. Because of this the song lacked any lead foreground instrument. The plucking instrument or whatever you used at 1:48 in the song was too far in the foreground, it seemed to overpower all the other instruments, which is a problem since it sounds like it was just there to 'add' to the other instruments. It sounds like the son
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