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    im a singer, attend college, am the tallest you'll ever meet on here (7 feet), love rock, metal, and emo music. Although im not an avid gamer i am an avid video game music enthusiast
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    cart guy at stop and shop

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    vocla skills (im a singer so if anyone needs one)
  1. i just noticed at 2:11-2:22 theres an unintentional "Underneath The Rotting Pizza" refrain, or was the intentional
  2. god damn! this just one godamn nice melodic hard rock tune, with sweeping piano and string bridges that give the song a larger scale boost. i dont know what the original sounds like but this sounds awesome on its own
  3. "rate hike! rate hike! tra la lal la!!" Palmer from FFVII
  4. sites down or doing something cant acess the song