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  1. What button was it you were referring to in the top right to fix latency issues? I can't seem to find it. EDIT: Found it. Didn't really look so much like a button, threw me off.
  2. Partially unrelated question: what kind of drums are those? I mean both what actual instrument it supposed to be, and also what sample. I've never been able to figure out what actual drum the typical "epic movie score drum" is.
  3. Ok, so velocity sensing is the keyboard detecting how hard/fast you're hitting the key, and synth action/hammer action etc is just how much it feels like a piano?
  4. The first post defined synth action, hammer action and semi-weighted, but what about when it just says "velocity sensing" or "touch sensitive"? Where do those fit in?
  5. Is that Toneport kb37 pretty unique in terms of keyboards that can also record guitar? Are there others that could do the same thing, maybe with a better quality keyboard?
  6. If you're using software with lots of soundfonts and effects and whatnot, does it really matter if your keyboard has voices and effects of its own?
  7. Wow. That actually looks pretty sweet. The 37 keys might be a little small, but everything else looks nice. I have another question though, before I buy it. This is going to be my first keyboard and my first foray into remixing and all that, so I don't know the basics of all this. The keyboard says it has all sorts of different guitar sounds and such, but can I still use it with soundfonts on my computer? Would I be able to use it with programs other than the one that it comes with/is designed for? I guess that was two questions. Oh well.
  8. Do most (or any) of these keyboards, or devices similar to them, allow you to record an electric guitar straight onto your computer? If not, what other equipment would you need? EDIT: I may have just found some other ways to do it in a neighboring thread, but if it CAN be done through a keyboard or MIDI controller, that'd be good to know too.
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