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  1. Swans. Just blast Swans until your soul is crushed, then mix accordingly.
  2. I don't use none of them there cellular phones... I do try to remember to carry around a little RCA pocket recorder, though. The quality is so awful that when I play it back later, I wind up transcribing a completely different tune. Sometimes it works out well.
  3. Definitely not too far back for me. I played through most of the first Nukem, maybe one episode of 2. I've been finishing up two other mixes, and now I think I have my Duke inspiration locked in. Thanks mucho, and I hope you end up liking whatever spouts forth.
  4. Sent. Good luck, and let us know your findings, definitely.
  5. Other than the title theme, did you have any particular levels in mind? Other than a couple tracks I have in the works I'm looking for something more guitar-oriented to start on, and Duke Nukem seems to be a perfect fit, and something I'm very familiar with.
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