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  1. Ok, I like this a lot, I can't even begin to start making songs in this genre, but I'll tell ya what... I'm now pumped up to make a halo mix my self I thought the horns were good, despite what everyone else says. It's just extreamly hard to top the games existing sound track. Those vocals are just too cool, thats why I think I'll sample them when I make my version. Or sing it my self I'll leave the rest of what I'm going to do to be a suprise -Vicks
  2. I'm working on a version of my song with better samples (and maybe some natural intruments ) I was wondering if you guys think that I should bother, or if I should just work on a new song all together... and if I should then what song shall it be... Call me a sell out, but I'd like to do a song by in a Square Soft title. I just like the music put out by them. Lufia is a good game too... anyway I'm rambleing now... -Vicks
  3. I just have to say... let this be a good example how slow things come up... I love this peice, and heard it like 3 months ago when speiko uploaded it to VGmix, but with that aside... I said this before and will say it again... I really hate myself for not being able to play the piano like that, and furthermore... with this level of skill I recomend that Speiko would make a piano version of all the songs in CT. And make a cd, and sell it... I know copyright is a problem, but I belive he should try to find out if he could possibly do it... I really think speiko could pull it off... (I would buy the cd in a second) !!! of coarse... 10/10
  4. Hey I really liked that... but I agree it did seem to go out of key in the second part of it... But I think it was really cool, I really liked the beat and the square wave thing, however, the bass line needs a little more definition in order for people not to think its out of key. But over all... cool idea, I liked it a lot!!
  5. Yeah I agree with you guys that my sound font is rather thin... cuz well... I have a computer from 1996... lol... I would like to have better sound fonts... or even a nice keyboard... but I gots no money... oh well... so I guess in order to appreciate my stuff you'd have to listion to the musical stuff more than the sound quality... But see for yourself, the rest of my stuff is on vgmix... the last one I did has natural instruments in it... (but they all have that horible synth lead, that I'm beginning to hate) I thought it was a good sound till you all hated it... LOL So expect better quailty as I go on... but no promises!!! -vicks cornatto
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