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  1. Okay, i couldn't handle it... I got the PS3 strictly for Metal Gear 4. I have played it through four times already, and reached the rank of Hound. There is no way in hell anybody can reach the rank of Big Boss. If so, i want to watch and i will bring the beer.
  2. Am i nuts for wanting to drop $600.00 just to play this game? I am a huge fan of the series... but only have the Xbox 360 right now. $600.00 is a lot for one game... but metal gear...... metal gear.... metal gear... I just may have to sell my first born child to play this.
  3. There are very few Halo remix's on this site... i was hoping for more. I do not know a thing about mixing music... so i can't. So i want to make a request for a few of you out there to make up some new Halo remix's. Other greats are... Resident Evil series Metal Gear Series Final Fantasy series (although there is already a lot of these ones!)
  4. This has to be one of my top favorite downloads off the OCremix site. Peeples... you did an awesome job with this one. Easily a top played on my iPod.
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