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  1. Yup. I did do stuff afterwards and had Bard around 50 (not hard). And hey, to my credit, that first 75 job was Ninja...and I was a Tarutaru. This was before they started to fix up the economy way back too, so that wasn't the easiest first job to bring up but It was too badass. Briefly looking, my beloved job's barely gotten much of anything new since I was on years ago, while they've practically doted on PLD. Still don't even have Jubaku and Dokumori Ni. Bastards. lol
  2. The giant hyena...bird...thing really is pretty trippy.
  3. I played XI for a while myself, even got one job up to 75/37 though I kinda decided MMORPGs weren't for me and trailed off. So I don't know if I'd get into this. I don't think it'd hurt to keep it in Vana'Diel though, it's a cool world.
  4. Kiyosuki

    Metroid: Other M

    I dunno, I always thought it'd be pretty cool to have a game where Samus' history with the federation was shown a bit. I know it's kind of the opposite of the classic games' vague atmosphere but you know...it's been done. Maybe they'll handle it alright, Ryu wasn't exactly the most emotionally explosive and talkative character either despite all the cut scenes. What's cool about the third person perspective is we'll get to have the hyper dash, traditional screw attack, and other things possibly come back as well as new ways of using her equipment. Get to show off Samus' more dynamic movements
  5. It wouldn't be fair to judge it yet, though things like it released in the past and ultimately ending up as forgotten gimmicks is a sort of tough history to prove itself against. In my opinion, video games won't lead into Virtual Reality. Radical control methods like this will never be fully integrated into traditional video games as we know them today no matter how hard its tried. If something like Virtual Reality happens and potentially becomes accepted, it's going to spawn from a completely different area rather than video games.
  6. Out of curiousity did anyone here play FFXI? And I mean...not just briefly either.
  7. Kiyosuki

    Metroid: Other M

    With Kojima doing a Castlevania game supposedly, and Team Ninja helping to make a Metroid game...it's like the out-the-left field developer time right now. I'm just glad Metroid's continuing. It could turn out to be anything at this point. I liked the first person Prime gameplay, but I'm kinda glad something different's being tried now. I just wish it'd be post Fusion.
  8. Yeah, they all always just mention their system even if its multi platform. I loved the almost awkward clapping after they showed this.
  9. Nah, all the Snakes and Big Boss himself definitely didn't have brown eyes.
  10. I wonder why the short isn't shown at every theater... I thought this was a fun movie. Wall-E's still my favorite, but after such a borderline serious and surrealistic film like that it was nice to go for a comedy adventure. Though that intro with Carl's entire life and Ellie passing, and it being implied that Russell has a pretty messed up family life...all set to a kind of bittersweet (But great) soundtrack were all pretty baawww worthy. It's got some undertones but that's why I love Pixar films. They're actually willing to have a kind of underlying dark thread like that even in a seemingly
  11. Lol raiden. To think, all that crap, all that screaming and temper tantrums...all over Raiden's eye color. Jeeze Hideo. I called 360 too.
  12. I have to admit as insane as robo-Sunny sounds, it does sort of look like it could be a flat out woman than a pretty man. But we are talking about (maybe!!!!!!)Raiden here. Or whatever the hell he is. Man, I swear if it's robo-Sunny...lol
  13. Does every single post from you have to look like you're jumping up and down? I never said it was Raiden for sure, just that it mostly does look like him. He does have the same hair, similar face, and it looks like the same cyborg suit with minor differences. I mean...I guess it could be Frank for all anyone knows, but I don't remember Gray Fox looking quite that feminine either, especially by his cyborg days. But...I'm still not saying it's Raiden for sure because the barcode is there, and of course the eye. I have one crazy shot in the dark...what if it's Raiden's body but someone else' mind
  14. I looked at the thing for almost 5 minutes and nothing happened, so I was a bit confused about why it needed to know my age too. Maybe it'll become something eventually. Plus it's official. Still looks mostly like Raiden to me but there are some differences...plus the eye color. I dunno, it could be just pointless cosmetic changes but I'll just call him maybe-Raiden till we hear more. Edit: I keep hearing the crazy, crazy speculation from people that maybe it's Sunny. Not saying I believe that or not...but it's a popular rumor.
  15. Actually when you filter out the extra meat, MGS' story isn't that hard. -Some guy who becomes the best soldier ever, gets a crapload of money from the remains of conspiracy 1 and forms conspiracy 2 with his buddies(best soldier ever's friend, best soldier ever's ho, best soldier ever's #1 fan, movie geek, and black guy. The last two die and don't matter), inspired by best soldier ever's master. -The best soldier ever gets into a fight with one of his buddies because best soldier ever's best bud cloned him behind his back. They split conspiracy 2 into a secret war. -They fight a lot, shit happ
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