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  1. This song has good stuff. All I personally can say is, "Let's hope we can get some real saxes to play this." (Somebody once said that it is a crime to use fake saxophones for any jazz song. I agree.) But hey, it probably isn't possible. So (I'll probably listen again and go in depth some) for now, good stuff.
  2. Yeah, for the most part it is drag-and-drop. That aspect is a very lame one; however, the actual ease of inputting notes and making channels is ridiculously easier and user-friendly. My old music teacher (who LOVED Finale) would always ride on me about how Drag-and-Drop Sibelius is. My conclusion: If you're really looking for a good looking score, you might want to go Finale. If you want something that's very easy to use, I would recommend Sibelius. (I would recommend it over all... But Pros and Cons...) What it comes down to is that once you use one, it's a hard switch to the other. Choose wisely.
  3. I would definitely go with Sibelius. Love the program and it does so much. I worked with Finale for a year, couldn't stand it. But everyone has a different opinion. But I highly highly recommend Sibelius with every fiber of my being.
  4. This song is a little above my level. I do think I can manage a few things to point out. Your brass in the very beginning sound a little fake and cheesy. Maybe it's a lame ear I have (i've been told my ear is really bad in this effect). I love your very... Movie-score-esque section. You have a very unique take on your music. On a side note: I really can't... hear the sources in your song. I must be crazy or something.
  5. Hey, this is really cool. I fell in love when I watched the video; however, I downloaded it, and can't find anything useful for my uses yet. Still, awesome find.
  6. I know what you're saying about the more you listen to a song the more you... Are open to everything it has. It happens to me a lot. What I do to prevent that is to modulate it up or down a half step. It makes it "fresh" to my ear. I personally don't like to have too much of the "listen to it a few times for it to make sense" mentality because most people judge a song on their first listen. Still, you're your own person. Your song; your call. (And that thing at 2:48 is very subtle. Don't even worry about it if even Hylian Lemon can't hear it. It must be that minor.) EDIT: Forgot to mention. It's not that the notes are "wrong" sometimes. It's that you're "modulating" or changing one note from your key to get to another chord. The notes aren't wrong per se. It's just... Sudden. There are certain ways to approach subdominant chords. Like, if in one measure you have a chord, and the last note of that measure is an F-nat., then (like in the third bar of the song) the chord changes into something with an F#, it's going to sound bad. You need a way to get around that sequence of F-nat.to F# (Note: I'm not saying that's what's happening in your song. I can't be certain unless I saw a score or something. Just saying there are ways to flow better between chords that are "out of key".)
  7. I'm doing the Lynna Village theme. To tell you the truth, it has nothing to do with this song at all. Sorry. I didn't even think of the flow of the two. But getting to your song. I don't have a "brilliant suggestion" about your piece; however, I might have enough minor suggestions to make it worth re-rendering. 0:00 - 0:18 The vibraphone is a bit loud to me. It draws my ear from the melody and makes me want to listen just to that. Also around 0:10, I think you have some either wrong notes, or some quick subdominant chords that really don't work when played in a scale fashion. 0:37-0:39 Something is off. I'm thinking the vibes or violin are playing a wrong note? around 2:21 I think the vibes are not playing a "wrong note" but a passing tone that is dissonant with the chord. It struck my ear. same thing at 2:38 with the violin and 2:48 with the violin. It's sustaining notes that the melody moves on. You can hear the dissonance when the flute moves on the upbeats. However, I enjoy several aspects of the song. 0:53-1:11 was pretty fun. Loved your take on the melody with the chords. 2:05 - 2:10 I enjoyed your pseudo-end with the triangle and then coming back with the drums And I like your ending. It suits the song for me. Just my little nit pick on it. I think the last note should be louder. Everything else (the tambourine) can fade out. I just want to hear that last note clearly. Good song. You really don't have to fix my thoughts. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents.
  8. Yes, that would be lovely. And on top of that, I'll stop apologizing. So it's all set: Uub can send you a project file (if I remember correctly, it was Fruity Loops). Just post or pm me so we can get started.
  9. Okay, I'll make it formal. I'm looking for a collaboration partner mostly (if not only) for the production of this song. The link is in a prior post. (Looks like Uub isn't going to be working with me on this one.) This song was so close; hopefully it can be taken all the way. [side note, I DO apologize for posting in my own thread so often.]
  10. Hey Uboichi, I didn't know you were still around. I really didn't mean anything by this, really. We just kinda stopped talking sometime around August and then there was that month gap of no emails or anything. Seriously, I didn't mean to make it out like your stuff was crap or anything (and I guess it was my fault in the end that this wasn't passed because I wanted the solo instruments and all.) Maybe it was my lack of perception, but I haven't really "seen" you around here all that much; I assumed you wouldn't care enough to really do anything more for me on this. But hey, if you wanna try again, we always can.
  11. Hmmm... Where to start? Apologies. Apologies all around. I'm not much of a forum guy and this post might not be too... fitting towards the end because of that. So, my I was recently rejected by the Judges Panel. The faults cited were, for the most part, production. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18765 I had someone else do the production on this song earlier (back in june of last year or so, I think.) Evidently, the production wasn't good enough (I have no ear for this stuff, at all. I can only really repeat what they were saying, without a full understanding of the issues.) This was the song http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/rxub/ko-ume-yourself1 What I'm asking for is help. I, myself, would like to learn how to be good at the production aspect; however, there isn't ample time for that for this song. The short of it: I'm asking for someone to re-do the song for me. I have the midi file, and I can get a pdf of the score reproduced if you also wanted. The song was close and I would love to be on the site. I apologize for the forward request for help, but I really need it for this song. This community was incredibly helpful last time I posted here with this song, and I'm hoping for that same kind of help again. Again, sorry, and also, thanks.
  12. I thought this had died a while ago. Well, as for the mastering I had Uboichi do it for me and he has. I submitted it a few weeks ago I don't know how it'll work from there. I'm very happy that so many people loved it because it was fun to make. Thank you all for everything.
  13. First of all, I love how you all are more excited about the song than the actual arranger (Well, I am excited, but I don't have much faith in me.) But you're right, Mr. Taucer, I do need to learn those production aspects; however, learning them on my own is a little much for me. It would be nice for someone to hold my hand and walk me through it, or do it for me (sorry) and let me watch so I can "take notes" or something. I'll see what I can do on my own (won't be very much), and I'll talk to trenthian. I don't know trenthian at all, and I'm also afraid that he won't really want to do anything by me because I'm so new and no one knows me yet. [That and the song might be a little difficult to play right off the bat] Of course I'll try anyways, but just voicing my concerns as an apprehensive young person. Thank you all for what you have been telling me and your encouragement on my piece. EDIT: (I've never done this before) Well, this being the first forum I've ever been on, I never really checked my inbox. I forgot that I might get PM's for this song. Well, after reading that, a few people have made offers to do exactly what I wished for: tips, help in general, etc. Thank you all for such a nice community and sorry for not reading PM's, they're just a new thing for me.
  14. Okay, I'll look into that. I'll add the reverb tonight, and see if I use some of that stuff in Zircon's tutorial like Taucer said; however, because it's me, chances are it won't get much better than this...
  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you all again. I just don't.. feel really confidant or even "able" to heighten production on this. All that reverb, note timing, just.. "humanizing" in general.. It's all over my head. And for the samples, I wouldn't know how to get better ones or make the ones I do have sound better. Sadly, I think this might be where my song ends..
  16. Well, I don't think it's the sample's fault as much as it is my own incapability to "master" them (is that the right word?) I use fruity loops 7, and Garritan Personal Orchestra (all the samples are from GPO, but I use FL7 to run them.) I'm not exactly new to composition, but making it sound "real" is a very new concept to me. (For the last 5 years or so, I've just used midi.)
  17. Hehe, I really wish I HAD some High Quality Samples. I just turned 18 today and have no job. I doubt I'll get any samples anytime soon, but thank you on you for the compliment you did give me.
  18. Hello, I've been a long time patron of OCR, but VERY new to being on forums (in general). I just thought I'd try something out and see what you guys would want to help me with. With nothing further to say, here's my work: http://www.mediafire.com/?gwt3guyxj4d Thanks in advance.
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