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  1. Really cool to see a Yume Nikki mix on here. Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki and .flow all have really, really amazing songs that are wonderful to hear remixes of.
  2. The only thing this track is missing is an intense section that gets kicked off by Marx's scream.
  3. So I just wanted to say that this remix is without a doubt one of my favorites I've ever encountered in my life. I drive about 40 miles every day to and from work and whenever I hear this pop up on my MP3 player I never skip it. With that said, the only things I can think of that could change with this song would be... The lead you use after the intro (heard at about the 2:00 mark) was much better in the second version in my opinion. Was stronger and sounded more integrated with the song. And... After the climax and slowdown of the song at around 4:55 you add in a beat again... The snare on
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