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  1. I too use SONAR but I'm using the Producer Edition 5. Great software there as it has the tremendous convolution reverb which is a brilliant way to use reverb and effects. Not simply adding an effect to an existing sound, but actually putting your existing sound into a SPACE" which is very cool. You can even put your say, Guitar sound into another instrument like a cymbal. Then it takes the cymbal and guitar's matching sound data and throws that out the window. THEN it takes the cybal and guitar's Non-matching data, combines the two and the result is a guitar playing inside the SPACE of a cymbal!! One can come up with some very cool, wierd but totally NEW effects this way. Plus the 5th SONAR Producer edition runs in 64 bit sound engine and has these cool new folders that automatically take say, ALL your drum tracks. I usually have 10-12 tracks for my drum set to have each cymbal and drum track independently of one another. This way I can do great separation and panning, efffects, etc. The new folders automatically recognize the drums and puts them ALL inside this neat little folder called "Drums" and it saves tons of desktop space AND CPU space, as the folders operate as ONE track even though they hold 12 separate one's when opened. Alas, technology being fast as it is they've already come up with version 6 and 7!! My brother bought version 6. Get this!! You can quantize ANALOG with this version. No more having to replay, or depend on recording MIDI ONLY analog instruments like guiatrs, basses, etc. You can play and record to your hearts content not having to worry about the in human nature of midi quantization wrecking your solos. NOW, if you goof on say some notes in your guitar or sax solo you can quantize it in analog mode! Very cool. I still use my OLD WAVELAB 4 for all Mastering work though. I know, there's tons of newer programs but the WAVELAB 4 version is the most easy to use mastering software I've ever use AND it has pretty much ANYTHING one would want in mastering. The only thing I Do want to upgrade on is some newer vst effects and sfz files. Other than that, I'm staying with this version. We've used SONAR 5 and Wavelab 4 for ALL The AC Thundertones music and the results have given us a farily signature "sound" that we've been looking for. Well my friend, thanks for your reply and I humbly ask anyone here at OCR for any help or tips for game music writing as I am going to try and get into this soon. I appreciate any help anyone can give and if I can I will help anyone as well if I can with recording or music writing etc. Later on OCR and thanks for your time. Paulie Fingers ~ The AC Thundertones
  2. Hi Folks: I'm new to OCR and my band is competing (rather well) at OURSTAGE.com and we wanted to let you know that we're competing this month in Blues, Alternative Hip Hop and Christian/Spiritual channels there. If and ONLY if you like the music please give us a vote as we're homing in on our second number one spot in Blues and possibly a grand prize which is $ plus a recording contract which we've truly earned for a long time. Thanks so much. The link is:http://www.ourstage.com and then type: "The AC Thundertones" into the searchbar to find our music. We're open to any suggestions from OCR members and I'm very interested in writing for games so I'm starting a project in that area. Later on! Paul ~ The AC Thundertones
  3. Hi OCR folks: My name is Paulie and I have been part of a very interesting project for the last 4 yrs. called The AC Thundertones. It is an INTERNET ONLY band where my brother and I wanted to see how far we could go with the band and it's music on the internet ONLY. (No live gigs, etc.) The results have been amazing. We've sold over 14,000 downloads of our signature tune called MISSIN YOU and have won a ton of awards at garageband.com and more recently placed first in Blues for the month of June at Ourstage.com which is fast becoming our favorite site. Anyway, we wanted to say hi and let you guys know what we're about and who we are and that we welcome any suggestions or feedback. If you want to check us out go to Ourstage.com and type our band name into the searchbar OR go to our main band site at: http://www.freewebs.com/thealbanycountythundertones/ Thanks and have a great day. Paulie Fingers & Johnny Zeee ~ The AC Thundetones
  4. My band happens to be on the number one spot as I write tonight. I got a message from an OURSTAGE user who warned me against ZIRCON and SGX because "they have a 21,000 member fan base and you'd better get all the votes you can" etc. etc. First I was pissed. Then I thought. Damn! OURSTAGE rules say that you must Do all ya can to develeop a fan base and after 25 yrs. in the music biz I think that OCremix is a freakin fantastic way to get more fans to my music. this biz is not all fuzzy and cuddly. YES! the music is the most important thing, BUT...one has to do what one has to do to get their music heard!! That said....... I AM NOW ASKING ALL PEOPLE HERE AT OCREMIX.com (ZIRCON and SGX INCLUDED) because hopefully you're not in the Blues channel... TO GO TO OURSTAGE.COM, GO TO THE BLUES CHANNEL AND CHECK OUT OUR BAND: THE AC THUNDERTONES SONG CALLED : (MISSIN YOU) AND VOTE FOR IT TONIGHT BECAUSE IT IS NUMBER ONE RIGHT NOW AND IF IT STAYS THERE FOR THREE MORE HOURS WE COULD WIN!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE AT OCREMIX.COM. I am just doing what sucessful acts do. Try to make my band more visible and gain more support! Paulie Fingers ~ The AC Thundertones