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  1. I almost couldn't believe when I looked through the playlist at the project's website. I think that all the remixes I've been waiting for showed up in this album. I'm freaking out with each tune, man. The songs are really epic, and I'm really grateful to you guys, who worked to create this. As a Mega Man X fan, I'm really happy I can listen to such quality music based on a part of my culture. Thank you guys from OC Remix, and thanks to Capcom as well, despite they abbandoned the franchise and left the fans with nothing but reasons to lose the hope on seeing/controlling Mega Man in new and nice titles.
  2. I think you should do the violins a bit more noticiable, but that's just my opinion. Besides that, the remix is great, made me feel relaxed
  3. Hmmmm... I don't know about technical details or even enough music theory, but I'll say what I think, and here goes nothing! I really liked to listen to this song, and after some time it made me remember the tension that I felt everytime I did set foot on Norfair while playing Super Metroid when I was a child, almost 10 years ago. I don't see any need of improving anything, the remix is good, pretty good, catching and, of course, it's epic! Maybe it's just because I'm not a musician and/or I don't know what good things can be done while remixing a song, but I really think that this one here is good to go.
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