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  1. For deleting from the command line, something you may want to try is to run cmd as an admin. Easiest way to do this is to type 'cmd' into the start menu search box and hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

    Alright, I'll try that - though it should run in Admin anyways.

    Thumbnails may have been disabled somehow, to check open up 'folder options' in the control panel, select the view tab and the first option should not be checked. Explorer not loading the Computer folder is rather odd, can't say that I have seen that before so, but I will think about it and I may come up with something other then a repair install or restoring a previous backup.

    No, I already checked my folder options, and reset it to default just to see if that made a difference. It wasn't checked in the first place, and it isn't now. Thanks though.

    EDIT: Well, when I woke up this morning, everything was fixed - which is weird, because I didn't even shutdown last night. Thanks for all the help, though.

  2. No reason in particular, I was just busy. I just finished one though, and it did find something - but removing it didn't fix the problem.

    And I highly doubt it's the hard drive - I just got this laptop back with a brand new one not even a month ago after my old one crashed. And it's not like I'm having trouble accessing any other folders - just my Computer menu, and my thumbnails just don't load.

    EDIT: Also, if I have my start menu set to display computer as a menu, that works just fine - it just doesn't work if I have it as a link.

  3. So I've looked around on the interwebs for a while, and I can't find anyone with a problem even slightly like this. My folders don't load properly anymore in Windows Explorer. It started with a sample pack that wouldn't copy at all, and as of now, I am unable to delete it even with the command prompt. Instead, when I go to view the folder (and now, any folder), the green bar in the address bar fills up VERY slowly to about 90%, and then freezes. Windows Explorer has been really slow as a result, and none of my thumbnails load anymore. This isn't a critical issue, but it's certainly a problem. I still need to run a scan with Malware Bytes, but I'm putting it off until I'm certain that's what I need to do. So is there anyone out there who knows how to fix this - or at least put me in the right direction?

    EDIT: Aaaaaaand now my Computer folder doesn't load. If I type C:\ into the address bar I get there fine, but just going to my Computer folder gives me the same problem - my address bar gets to about 90% full, and then just hangs.

  4. Well, you can import the MIDI channels separately, by the steps I posted above (there should be a drop-down menu to choose which channel you want), and then just put separate channels in different patterns/instruments. So for each MIDI, go to Piano Roll --> Piano Roll Menu --> File --> Import MIDI File, choose the MIDI you want, choose which track you want from the drop-down, and then rinse and repeat for each track in a different channel or pattern.

  5. So, I just wanted to put the three Metroid Fusion SA-X themes together into one midi, and change up instruments. Not for OCR--that would never make it. Is there a way to do that? Put all three midi's into one project file?

    You can import a midi individually by:

    Piano Roll --> Piano Roll Menu --> File --> Import MIDI File. This places all of the Midi in one piano roll.

    You can also import MIDI by going the the FL Menu --> Import --> MIDI, but this automatically replaces your current project with just the MIDI.

  6. Very solid mix. EQing is good, all the instruments mesh well, and the arrangement is nice. I've just got a few suggestions:

    • As modus said, the sidechained pads (and the pads in the beginning) are a little bit distracting. Maybe drop them an octave, or use some surgical EQ to take out some of the really loud frequencies.
    • The hi hat pattern, while cool, was also kind of distracting. I'd say, keep it in the offbeat pattern for eight bars or so, and then resolve it into a typical trance pattern.
    • Maybe mess with the vocals a bit? They kind of carry the whole track, but there's nothing different the second time through.

    Other than that, spot on remix. :)

  7. Um... the petition probably won't get anyone anywhere, but that won't matter. See, this bill is what we legal types call unconstitutional. Under the First Amendment, the government cannot pass a law that abridges freedom of speech. As applied to internet speech, this includes, as a relevant example, requiring websites to deny access to adult materials (read: porn) to minors.

    See, by requiring ISPs to blacklist (and thus block) certain websites, but not others, the goverment is imposing what is known as a content-based regulation. When the US Supreme Court reviews a content-based regulation, it applies a standard known as "strict scrutiny," which requires the government to show that it has a compelling interest and that the law is narrowly tailored to achieve that interest.

    Here, let's assume its compelling interest is protecting minors from access to harmful material. Even if that is compelling, it'll probably never be achieved by a law that is sufficiently narrowly tailored to protect that interest because there are always things called "less restrictive alternatives." The idea behind this is obvious: if there's an option that silences significantly less speech than the law that Congress enacted, the law is unconstitutional. And here, there is a less restrictive alternative that the Court already accepted: filtering software employed by parents.

    Thus the bill that this petition addresses probably won't ever be enacted, but if it is, I give it 3 weeks after the date it becomes effective for a test case to come up challenging its constitutionality. When that happens, I would bet even money that the Supreme Court would strike it down as unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

    Good points, but I should add that it is totally legal for ISPs to block websites if they want to. It's just that the government can't require them to do so.

  8. I only played Sly 2, so I can't speak for the rest of them, but I really liked it. The overarching story was pretty good, but the heists in each chapter were FANTASTIC, with the kind of intricate genius any good heist movie/book/game needs. The games were plenty mature enough to be enjoyable, and there was no pandering to the younger audiences. The gameplay and art style were equally awesome.

    Sadly, I lent it to a friend a while ago and never got it back, so my opinions are a few years old. :P

  9. Bubblegum pop. Chew it up, enjoy the taste for a bit, and then spit it out.


    I don't know, while I love it when auto-tune is abused consciously, something about Ke$ha just really annoys me. I think it's like Lady Gaga - while I don't hate her music, I don't find the persona in the least bit appealing.

    On the other hand, her stuff is still catchy as hell.

  10. There's more stuff up in general, but I really felt like sharing this latest track - a more chilled version of Strobe by Deadmau5. It's still very rough, and the 'verb on the piano needs lots of tweaking, but I think it turned out pretty well. Critique is, as always, appreciated.

  11. ...really?


    Sorry, I forgot which forum I was in. :P

    More technical approach would be to right click the pan knob for the VST (or mixer channel if you have it routed to one), hit edit event, when the new window pops up go to the top left of it (the arrow button), scroll to tools, and click LFO.

    In all seriousness, I'd suggest this solution. The problem of getting it re-centered could be solved by editing events for each pattern that uses that instrument and just resetting it to 50% by drawing it in. It's a bit of a hassle, but it's really simple.

    EDIT: Actually, depending on the plugin/sample, you should just be able to go into the INS tab of the channel window and set a panning LFO there. Then, automate the AMT knob and drop it back to 50% when you need to turn off the panning.

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