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  1. I think that there needs to be balance for the two. You could have all the soul and passion in your music that you want, but if you don't know any music theory, composition is that much harder. Likewise, If you know nothing but music theory, then it really limits the kind of music you can make.

    Using guitar soloing as an example, when I was younger, it used to amaze me that guitarists could solo the way they could. I thought that playing a solo was random notes, and it wasn't until I started taking guitar and learning music theory that I realized that pretty much all guitar solos following one kind of scale or another. SCALES are music theory. Even if you know just the simple blues penatonic scale, a solo will sound infinitely better then passionately playing random notes. On the other hand, knowing 20 trillion scales won't help if you don't have any feeling in the music, and it comes out as a random string of notes.

    Here's an example of theory without any soul.

    Fantastic technique, but I wouldn't want to hear it in a real song.

  2. Kind of, but it's more... constrained. It has to be simple enough to be on the PSP, so it doesn't have the same kind of freedom that Oblivion has. I'd recommend looking up some videos on YouTube - you can pretty much find a video of every mission in the game.

    I do have to say, though, I wouldn't get it if you don't have someone to play it with. There are somewhere around 70 solo missions, i think, and then hundreds of multiplayer missions. (You can do solo runs on the multiplayer missions, but they're insanely hard solo, and nowhere near as fun.)

  3. I played Freedom 1 and 2 like crazy on the PSP, 200+ hours each, and can't wait for this to show up on Wii.

    On a depressing note, however, a friend of mine who frequents the GameFAQs Boards - especially Monster Hunter - told me that there are rumors abound about this getting a Japan only release.

  4. People have been... waiting for another book? For one thing, Adams never wanted to write the last two. And for another, Mostly Harmless ended rather... conclusively.

    I can't see this being anything but a disaster.

    I agree completely. I hated Mostly Harmless anyways.

    Also, I've read most of Colfer's books, and I don't think he could really pull off the style and humor that a Hitchhiker's fan would expect.

  5. Are you talking about the switch near the end? If so, it's a known issue that deals with some graphics cards not liking the screen gamma technique used to simulate an alarm light. There is supposedly a patch on the way that gives the option to remove this effect.

    Sorry to hear about the problems - Sector 4 and beyond get pretty sweet.


    There was an updated released just today (Sept. 13) but unfortunately it doesn't fix that problem. He recognises that it is a serious bug and plans to fix it soon.

    Sweet. Thanks for the info.

  6. When I heard a new star wars movie was coming out, I felt joy of joys.

    Then I heard it was all CGI.

    Personally, I don't want to see a star wars movie without an actual actor. Plus, the poor humor I've seen in commercials further cemented my decision no to see this movie.

    I liked Indy 4. It certainly wasn't my favorite movie, but I thought I got my money's worth out of it. I didn't believe that Lucas was done yet. This, however... I don't know, it just seems like a weak attempt at trying to appeal to the whole market at once - excluding the star wars nerds, or even fans. This movie doesn't even warrant a rental for me. Come on, resorting to burp jokes? Lmao.

    Sorry if I sound like a biased dick.

  7. The only copy of DDR I have is DDR superNOVA for the PS2. Oh, and DDR Hottest Party, but that is so bad I don't even think about it.

    Anyway, I consider myself pretty good at DDR. I can play most 6-foot songs, a bunch of 7-footers, and I think one 8-foot song, tho it's been a while since I checked.

    I've gotta ask though, what do you people do for playing doubles? The most I've done is using a couple of dictionaries to hold the mats in place and hoping for the best. And I'm not about to shell otu $300+ for a Cobalt Flux. Help?

  8. Is it odd that I ... really don't give a shit about the Olympics?

    Whadya know, I really don't care either!

    For me, the only reason I'm going to be paying attention to the Olympics is because I want to know if anything happens - the fact that this is taking place in such a controversial area has me watching the news like a hound dog.

    Really though, I just hate sports. I have no athletic activity whatsoever, and have no real desire for any.

  9. According to ultimate-guitar.com, the leaked guitar hero 4 track listing recently appeared on GoNintendo. Here's the article, and here's the reported list.

    'Dope Nose' - Weezer

    'The Middle' - Jimmy Eat World

    'Today' - Smashing Pumpkins

    'Roland' - Interpol

    'Santeria' - Sublime

    'Mr Brightside' - The Killers

    'Take It On The Run' - REO Speedwagon

    'Hold The Line' - Toto

    'Rebel Yell' - Billy Idol

    'Heartbreaker' - Pat Benatar

    'All Around Me' - Flyleaf

    'Misery Business' - Paramore

    'Stinkfist' - Tool

    'Lateralus' - Tool

    'Schism' - Tool

    'Every Breath You Take' - The Police

    'The Kids Aren't Alright' - The Offspring

    'The Good Left Undone' - Rise Against

    'Bleed It Out' - Linkin Park

    'Face Down' - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    'The Kill' - 30 Seconds to Mars

    'Thank You For The Venom' - My Chemical Romance

    'Dammit' - Blink 182

    'When Your Heart Stops Beating' - +44

    'Jumpin' Jack Flash' - The Rolling Stones

    'Don't Fear The Reaper' - Blue Öyster Cult

    'Light My Fire' - The Doors

    'Give It Away' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    'Renegades Of Funk' - Rage Against The Machines

    'No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn' - The Beastie Boys

    'Are You Gonna Go My Way?' - Lenny Kravitz

    'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' - Aerosmith

    'Man In The Box' - Alice In Chains

    'Kickstart My Heart' - Mötley Crüe

    'Spin The Black Circle' - Pearl Jam

    'Smells Like Teen Spirit' - Nirvana

    'Car Chase City' - Tenacious D

    'Everlong' - Foo Fighters

    'Animal' - Def Leppard

    'Runaway' - Bon Jovi

    'Paradise City' - Guns N' Roses

    'Song For The Dead' - Queens of the Stone Age

    'Vasoline' - Stone Temple Pilots

    'Assassin' - Muse

    'The Boys Are Back in Town' - Thin Lizzy

    'Life in the Fast Lane' - The Eagles

    'Sweet Home Alabama' - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    'Here to Stay' - KoRn

    'Dragula' - Rob Zombie

    'Bat Country' - Avenged Sevenfold

    '10,000 Fists' - Disturbed

    'Duality' - Slipknot

    'Toxicity' - System of a Down

    'Demise of Sanity' - Black Label Society

    'Don’t Talk to Strangers' - Dio

    'Heaven and Hell' - Black Sabbath

    'Crazy Train' - Ozzy Osbourne

    'The Spirit Of Radio' - Rush

    'Comfortably Numb' - Pink Floyd

    'Pull Me Under' - Dream Theater

    'Beat It' - Micheal Jackson Feat. Eddie Van Halen

    'Hot For Teacher' - Van Halen

    'Stranglehold' - Ted Nugent

    'Warriors Of Time' - Black Tide

    'Leather Rebel' - Judas Priest

    'Hallowed Be Thy Name' - Iron Maiden

    'Angel Of Death' - Slayer

    'Tornado Of Souls' - Megadeth

    'Master Of Puppets' - Metallica

    'Johnny B Good' - Chuck Berry

    'The Wind Cries Mary' - Jimi Hendrix

    'Purple Haze (Live)' - Jimi Hendrix

    '45' - Shinedown

    '96 Quite Bitter Beings' - CKY

    'Bombshell' - Powerman 5000

    'Clavado en un Bar' - Maná

    'Enjoy the Silence' - Lacuna Coil

    'Feuer Frei' - Rammstein

    'Fury Of The Storm' - Dragonforce

    'Never Too Late' - The Answer

    'Nottingham Lace' - Buckethead

    'One Armed Scissor' - At The Drive-In

    'Satch Boogie' - Joe Satriani

    'Schrei' - Tokio Hotel

    'Soul Doubt' - NOFX

    If this has already been posted, sorry, but I haven't seen it anywhere.

  10. This. And/or allow you to design custom set lists from which to play random songs (i.e., "Party Mode," "Solo Drums," "Solo Vocals," etc.).

    All in all though, I'm thinking that if RB2 continues to fail on the Wii like its predecessor while GH:WT does DLC for Wii and does it right, I would wind up buying GH:WT.

    Well, with Nintendo's E3 conference coming out today, I've got my fingers crossed they'll release a storage solution, which will hopefully solve Rock Band for Wii's problems.

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