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  1. Sweet.

    I'm not really too excited for the song set, but the new instruments look great, and the choice to view the difficulties for each instrument on a song could greatly reduce the amount of failures when I play with my little sister.

    EDIT: I'm even more psyched now that I know that the old instruments will still work!

  2. Pretty sure they had rich patrons that commissioned stuff as needed. They certainly didn't write so many dances because of their love of busting moves.
    No. People commissioned them to compose music and paid them for it.

    Oh. Well, color me purple. Forget what I said then.

    My first post still stands, though.

    Already addressed.

    Back to the point, regardless of how much we argue over this, the world policy of MONEY MONEY MONEY will make sure that this never happens - or at least won't for a very long time.

  3. there are plenty of people here that charge for everything they do thats not on this site

    this isnt a huge group of hey lets give all our stuff for free people they charge and they have every right to do so

    That's not my point. The point is that people are already putting stuff up for free - not all of it - and that I think this is a step in the right direction. Just putting stuff up here without asking for money is a good thing.

    For one thing, some popular artists do agree somewhat with the model being purported here. They're already successful, so one could argue they can afford to say/do these sorts of things. But what benefit would it be to them to say/do it if they didn't believe in it?

    I do think musicians should be paid for their work, but that the focus should switch to live shows and performances. In this age it's all too easy to become separated and disconnected from people and to overuse technology to compensate for bad musicianship. Live touring ameliorates both these issues, and you can't pirate a concert experience. I haven't listened to much of Pearl Jam, but when they came to Columbia three blocks away from my dorm I jumped at the chance to see them. I was alone, sitting in a far away seat, hungry (but not about to buy the overpriced crap) and still had a great time.

    I'd say most popular bands spend about 40% of their working time touring and 60% in the studio. Before anyone rips into me, I don't have a basis for these numbers and I'm just eyeballing them (and of course they're different from artist to artist). If anyone wants to show me up go ahead, but my point is that I think it should be more of an 85/15 split, with CDs used not as a major source of income but as a promotional tool for live concerts. I know Prince did this to great effect.

    I honestly think that appealing to the more visceral, personal levels of fans instead of trying in vain to clamp down on piracy is where things should head. After all, until vinyl that's what music was all about.

    Exactly. I agree 100%.

  4. what the heck this has nothing to do with artists selling out

    this is a hey i made this thing and if you wanna hear this thing i want money

    doesnt matter if its some big record company or some fat dude in his basement

    Oh, I very strongly disagree. One, what I said is an opinion shared by many other people: often, when an artist is signed to a big record label, it becomes less about the music and more about the money. For example take a look at this site. Of course, most of you probably aren't fat dudes in you basements, but you put this kind of stuff out here for free, without asking for money. How many record labels do you see doing that? Two, the posts above me are all arguing about many music things, including sellouts. My post was (or at least is now) completely relevant.

  5. My first video game was Pokemon Yellow. :razz:

    Really, though, my favorite Pokemon game was probably Pokemon Gold, simply because it gave me the chance to kinda "replay" the first gen Pokemon games, which I never beat. I tried picking up Ruby when it came out, but at that point I found the formula had gotten stale, and there wasn't anything big added to it to make it better than Pokemon Gold.

    Which is why I don't play Pokemon anymore.

  6. This will eventually come back to the old debate on when a musician becomes a sell-out.

    On one side, we have the people who would rather listen to the "indie" musicians, and who think that when a large record label picks up a musician, that the artist more or less stops playing music for the music, and more for the money.

    On the other hand, we have the people who believe that being payed for the music is just the natural progression of things, and that there's no problem with being paid copious amounts of cash for your art.

    Of course, no one can fit into either of these two categories completely, but they more or less lean to one side or the other.

    It's all opinion, guys. There's no way to really settle this.

    PS: Does anyone else think this should be moved to Politics, Philosophy, and Religon?

  7. This piece is a good starting point for a more refined mix, but my main problems with it were:

    --The ending



    The ending definately needed more work. When you got to the end of the track, that was it. It just ended. Also, the drums were far too loud, and the piano, which is playing the main melody, was much quieter than the other instruments. That need to be changed.

    Finally, this sounded very minimalistic. It really consisted of a piano track, drums, and two or three synthesizers. Put a little bit more time into it, add some more detail. This has the makings of a good mix, but at this point, it sounds like it's average quality at best.

  8. When you think about the great classical composers (Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss) how did they make money? Certainly not through selling CDs or records. They made money through live performances, selling the transcriptions(?) of their music to other musicians/orchestras, and not much else. Why should that be any different today?

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with T-Rock on this. On the other hand, there may be a huge amount of people on this site and who frequent the site, but there's still a massive number of people who've never even heard of O C Remix. So, the chances of this happening anytime soon are very small. Spread the word, people.

    And for all the people who aspire to be musicians and make money off it, T-Rock is right in the aspect that you could still charge money for live shows. Also, a lot of people still prefer having a hard copy of the music on a disk to digital downloads. One of my Gym teachers supposedly had around ten thousand vinyl records, and around 5 CDs. So people will still be able to buy the disks and collector sets if they want.

  10. Hello to the great people here on OC Remix, I've been a long time lurker and have been listening to the great music on here for several years. There isn't much to say about me, except I like any kind of music except almost all rap/hip-hop. My favorite games are Final Fantasy Tactics advance, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Star Ocean 3, and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It's doubtful I'll ever post anything else, but I'm glad to be here all the same. Oh, and my favorite OC Remix album is probably Project Chaos.

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