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  1. I'll just say that their writing is incredibly poor for a video game media site.

    So poor that you refuse to read an article of interest without it being copied and pasted elsewhere? :S Seems a little needlessly pedantic.

    Uwe Boll makes me a sad panda. I wonder how on earth with his reputation he convinced any dev team to make a game for him? Bet they go under fast... or ironically make some logic defyingly amazing game.

  2. That wicker man megaman vid with the bees amused me immensely xD

    Megaman 2 is awesome, I've played through that game a ridiculous amount of times and just never get tired of it.

    I really wish they'd hurry up with Megaman 3 on the Virtual Console, but at least there's Megaman 9 to look forward to. Probably get it on PS3 though, unless it's released horifically later, because of the doubtfulness of Nintendo offering any solution to the memory limitations of the Wii. Besides, HDMI 8 bit? Seems just crazy enough to work...

    Does 9 actually have a release date yet?

  3. My fellow remixers, I invite you to the task of remixing some of the tracks of this great series. Since the first days of Advance Wars, the thing I enjoyed the most besides the simple gameplay yet tough strategy involved, was the music.

    With a wide array of tracks: from jazz to techno to orchestrated themes to plain rock, there's a wide selection and a world of possibilities to try.

    Please join me in this request and let's try our best to ensure this beautiful OST gets the appreciation it deserves. Thank you.

    Man alive, yeah. These games had awesome soundtracks, particularly the tracks from the DS iterations. Despite the poor quality of the sound recordings, I still love listening to the Days of Ruin soundtrack.

    I'd love to hear some remixes of this; a remix album would be amazing if there was significant interest. Wish I had any musical inkling to help out.

  4. Man alive, mine came fast for international shipping :shock:

    Not that I'm complaining, not an off track so far; loving it all. The appearance of Shadow Man and Into the Thick of it really pleased me-great arrangements.

    One that I was NOT expecting, didn't recognise from the title but fell in love with as soon as I heard was Progessor Oyama's Laboratory, aka the Luigi's Mansion theme xD

    Fantastic stuff Mustin, hats off to you and the One Ups. Money well spent :-D

  5. I still enjoyed it and while graphically impressive, Just felt too easy for me... I'd still recommend it if you haven't played the original Siren game. For those that have, S:NT gives an altered story/perspective.

    Yeah, that'd be me. These games passed me by back in the day. This was pretty easy, but had a very good atmosphere. I usually am content with that-not one to complain about difficulty as long as a game's immersive or fun.

    The graphics seem particularly impressive for a purely downloadable game, I'd say it's easily the best proper digitally distributed game so far. I exclude the likes of Bionic Commando Rearmed in that though, because they're more made AS downloadable games-I could easily see Siren being on a disc.

    I also enjoyed the Ratchet and Clank one, but it wasn't really anything but a pleasant by the book distraction for a few hours.

  6. Sounds like a pretty strange situation with his seeming disappearance. It's a shame I'll probably never get a chance to catch him round the forums, I'm really very much a fan of most of his mixes.

    Hope the guy's doing good these days, at any rate.

  7. ya text is always smaller on a regular tv which can be kinda annoying

    A lot of the PS3 general menu text, particularly the virtual keyboard, has needlessly small/hard to make out text even on a decent size tv.

    I also wish you could change the general font colour from white-some of my favourite themes are automatically ruled out because they make everything impossible to read.

  8. Siren: New Translation is a downloadable game on the PS3, not sure how much it costs though

    Think it's $20 for the whole thing, or you can get sets of 4 episodes for somewhere around $5? That's what it is in £ anyway, and it's usually the same in $, not equivelant value.

    Eats up a fair bit of hard drive space though, not surprising given how graphically impressive it is.

    I will most likely be playing my ps3 on a regular, 36" Flat-Screen TV with the red, white, and yellow component cables, and I just wanted to know how good are the graphics displayed on a regular TV using those cables?

    I'm sure a HDTV would make things look better, but will it really be that big of a difference?

    It really tends to depend entirely on the game (or blu ray movie), I have a small, but high quality HD tv and the PS3 wired in with HDMI cable, my friend has a decent sized old tv. I've only noticed a jaw dropping difference for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Ratchet and Clank for games, and as for Blu Ray, I only notice a significant difference with films made AFTER it was widely implemented, like Sweeney Todd.

    Stuff like GTA4, the only thing I notice differently is that the map icons etc can be harder to make out, but the overall difference between SD and HD output for them is nothing world changing. I imagine the trend of the big releases being more visually optimised will continue with Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, the PSN Wipeout, etc...

  9. I saw this and 3 or 4 others yesterday night on youtube. Does anyone know whether these sketches are exclusive youtube things, or whether they're in promotion of something, like an upcoming show?

    I couldn't seem to find solid info, but I'm guessing from the introduction and his youtube channel that he just decided to animate a couple of shorts for youtube.

    Possibly Family Guy cut-away jokes that didn't make the final cut lol.

    Reasonably amusing stuff anyway-be sure to check out the others.

    EDIT: also, seeing the creepy Burger King guy in Seth MacFarlane's animation style made my day. Sneak King ftw xD

  10. Oh Sega, where did it all go so wrong? Even after the Dreamcast, they still made some truely great games-I still love Jet Set Radio Future, for example. And I was always a total Phantasy Star Online addict. Their name attatched to any new game used to be such an exciting prospect, but in the past year or two at the very least, that has very much not been the case.

    But now... I'm ashamed of most of their efforts with Sonic, hopefully BioWare's Dark Brotherhood will ressucitate the waning mascot. Other than that it tends to be a slur of generically average games or abysmally poor film licenses, etc.

    I'm hoping a few titles on the horizon will be good again, like I don't see how Samba de Amigo Wii can go wrong, and everyone's pretty psyched for Mad World.

  11. I can't wait to sink my teeth into Spore properly, but I don't know if my laptop is up to doing it justice, and I have loads of games on the go at the moment anyway, so am waiting a while.

    On a different note, I know it's nowhere near the same scale, but did anyone pick up the DS spinoff version?

    I've got it as a present for my girlfriend, as she loved the creature creator, but probably won't be interested in the PC version. It seems to have done reasonably on review scores; better than I was expecting anyway.

    Curious to know what other people think of it.

  12. Okami was awesome on PS2. I was all for the Wii rerelease in concept, but the controls didn't feel quite right to me, mainly the waggle fighting.

    Still, was lovely to see the game in higher res through the Wii's component cable.

    This game is simply amazing-especially for such a skimpy price label.

    I've got the Udon published, english language version of the book with all the concept art from the game, really beautiful stuff.

  13. someone please post a list of games that would apply

    Off the top of my head...

    Mech Warrior

    Front Mission

    Metal Gear Solid 1/2/4

    Zone of the Enders 1/2

    Virtual On

    Various Megaman series-I guess only those 'power suits' from X if we're being technical about mechs

    FF6 (Magitek armour?)

    ...I guess Metroid?

    Anything with a big mechanised boss is probably applicable, so most RPGs if you look hard enough.

    Also, there was this crazy japan only mech game, where you played as the US president in a giant mech fighting the vice president trying to usurp you with a mech army, or something like that xD

    I can't remember what it was called, but it sounded like the best idea for a game ever lol

  14. Steel Battalion.

    Jesus, Steel Batallion. My friend who's not even particularly into mech games, or mech anime or whatever made a point of buying that on eBay in spite of all our warnings that it would not be money well spent.

    The controls are insane-it's probably good training for being a pilot or operating a tank or whatever xD but a fun game, it was not, really.

    Very ambitious idea, but punishing little things like needing to 'eject' before dying or it would wipe your save file completely push it over the edge.

    Needless to say it was not long before this game was sold on.

    ...I would actually LOVE to hear Yahtzee rip into this game lol.

  15. I'm generally surprised compared to the other Nintendo franchises how few Kirby mixes there are on OCremix. The ones here are very good, I'm particularly fond of the Rise of the Star album.

    Gotta love DarkeSword's 'Final Flight' and Darangen's 'Free Breezin' especially. But still, one thing that I always thought the Kirby series strong points was the music (especially the original NES game), so I'm surprised that a lot of the tunes are still untouched within this community.

    One of my personal favourites is King Dedede's battle music. I'd love to see a few different takes on this.

    I know it's probably even more unlikely now, with the fantastic Smash Bros Brawl arrangement of it, but it's a fun tune. I'm sure loads of you guys could do some fantastic stuff with it if you were up for giving it a shot :-D

  16. if you read what you just wrote it can be summed up into a few sentences. i lost my place reading this a few times cause you wrote exactly the same thing a few times.

    and leaving this thread with a little dignity? Wtf? nah, i'll leave with it all. and you guys can sit here and oh i don't know, jack off or something.

    if you wanna see the movie PM me. when i get it uploaded i'll send you the link.

    Does that translate to "I couldn't be bothered to read all of what you wrote"? *shrug* Apologies for being elaborate, but I don't know where you think I'm repeating myself. I know walls of text aren't everyone's thing.

    I'm really not aiming to be remotely offensive, so I still don't get why you always respond with such animosity, but whatever. You obviously didn't read, or chose to ignore anything positive in my reply. I suspected as such when you never answered my questions about the plot the first time round.

    If you're not going to respond to the questions about the movie from me or others, don't want to post the movie and are keeping up the attitude of telling everyone to go screw themselves you should probably get a mod to lock this thread on your final note of people who are interested PMing for the link.

  17. Maybe I'm not making my point clear. What I'm saying is that Braid is a pretty good game, free of glitches, that is under $20. It's not discounted, it's not a demo, it's a full game.

    So why are people bitching about the price when it's actually far lower than other games? Look at Heavenly Sword(s): it's only about six hours long, and it's priced at about $60. Braid is a far better deal at $15.

    Maybe it's not fair to compare a "big" title against an "indie" game, but when you think about it, the price is perfectly agreeable.

    I'm starting to wonder if people are feeling like they have been overcharged because they can't take Braid to (uhg) Gamestop and trade it in. It makes sense. You buy a game that you don't like, you take it back and (stupidly) get a small amount of money or trade-in value for it. Braid, if you don't like it, you can't do anything about; it's just there, on your system. There's no refund, no exchange... So you can't take it back and put it forward to something you thin you would like more.

    I guess there really is no pleasing people.

    The thing about Braid is everyone bitches about the price, then seems to buy it anyway lol. It's kind of up there with the 'outraged' people about things like Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy porting to the 360, declaring that they won't even bother buying the game when it's out because of it. People just like to complain, which is apt to point out in the Zero Punctuation thread xD.

    I guess it might seem comparatively expensive to, say, Bionic Commando Rearmed-an equally full downloadable game, but I still think it's a tad silly to complain about the price. I'm usually quite happy to pay-more money to the indie developers who come out with awesome games like this rather than giving them a cut via the publishers. Original downloadable games are becoming far more respectable than the throwaway, novelty offerings they used to be.

    Vaguely back on topic, I think the older Zero Punctuations were funnier-more emphasis on humour than scathing crits, but I think that people who pointed out the escapist probably making him review games he wouldn't otherwise want to are probably right on the money.

    His legacy will live on in the little voice at the back of my mind, whenever you get to name an RPG protaganist saying "Call him fagballs...".

    For anyone who doesn't get the reference, do yourself a favour and watch his Phantom Hourglass review :wink:

  18. He wanted to share something cool, and maybe get some feedback.

    But the lot of you can't seem to understand that without million dollar budgets, most movies would look like what he's doing.

    He don't need no praise, but all of you seem to need to step on people's heads to feel tall.

    Hey, don't get me wrong. I never outright said anything overly negative about the film except for the fact that Twisted Metal is a questionnable choice with no budget and only film student resources for car chases etc.

    Look at my previous posts-I was genuinely interested in knowing the full plot of the film and such forth only to get no answer, and I thought my post was trying to divert attention away from the very vague Sweet-tooth/Joker paralell he'd gotten fixated on.

    Also, the lack of budget is not what bothers me, I go to the student film festival at my uni every year and despite what some people here have said, you don't need much of a budget to have a decent standard of acting.

    A lot of very successful european/arthouse films have a near non existant budget anyway, so I don't know how much stock I put in 'no budget=bad quality film'. Wes Anderson for instance is one of my favourite directors, and his films are built largely on character interaction, awkward dialogue and a creatively indie soundtrack. I'm not saying I'm expecting the same level I would of a cinema film, I'm just saying that it is possible to get a vision across without depending too much on a massive budget. Not easy, per se, but definitely possible. I do expect if nothing else, PocketMan's film has at it's core a certain enthusiasm for Twisted Metal that you do not come across every day.

    But then he went off on a side tangent, getting indignant with me on a few points, saying he hated his movie and such forth which makes me wonder why he posted it in the first place, unless he was just saying it because he'd had enough of the people unreasonably ragging on him; not really meaning it.

    As I've said before, it's not pleasant to deal with a bunch of sharp toothed internet critics, but he only posted the trailer-he should be confident enough that the finished product would shut them up, or at least satisfied enough with it himself.

    Since he obviously had intentions to post the film originally, got discouraged by the less than pleasant feedback at the lowest points, I feel that his saying "he never expected praise" etc is just an overly defensive final retreat, and it's sad to see someone reduced to that rather than just being able to post his full film and be a bigger man than the unreasonable critics, trying to learn from the constructive ones or worst case scenario, just call it a day and stop jumping to the defense of every less than positive post.

    I'd rather see him post his film and rise above the haters or not post it and leave the thread with a little dignity as I said before. I'm not trying to belittle him to seem big, I read this thread without even posting until it became painful to read and I thought I might reasonably intervene, but failed to do so.

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