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  1. Not being rude, because I think everything that can possibly be said has been said, but if you weren't seeking encouragement, support and/or praise from enthused or impressed Twisted Metal fans... what exactly prompted you to post?

    Not saying this in a damning way, so please don't take it as criticism and jump in all defensively with that delightful attitude. I'm just genuinely curious what else you thought would be gained from publicly posting it to the internet. I mean the full movie is done, right? So it's not like you can go back and improve. Also, no offense (as I know you think you can), but you've not handled the constructive criticisms well, as you're too offended by the deconstructive ones to answer without a hefty chunk of attitude.

    There's nothing particularly wrong with sharing your personal projects in hope of positive feedback, so I'm genuinely curious why else you would've posted that makes you so adamant that you were not after any such validation.

    EDIT: Nah Urban Xperience, I've seen several Zelda movie trailers before, including IGN's April Fools joke one, but not this one before. It looks like a fairly decent effort to be honest, but I'd always find it hard to take a faithfully adapted Zelda movie seriously. Link not talking is a real hindrance to a movie centring around him (also with a reasonably simple overall plot in terms of filling like an hour and a half without the most obvious devices to develop the main character available), and yet I'd rather it be kept this way. Same for the fact that most interpretations of Link's costume look a bit ridiculous in real life, and yet it shouldn't be too loosely adapted.

    When it comes to Zelda, I'm one of those picky fans who would be hard to please, and would probably rather not see it properly adapted into a film at the price of it turning into some watered down Lord of the Rings wannabe.

  2. Heard about this game quite early on, still not entirely sure how it plays lol. Look for the in game depiction of Birdo-disturbing. Features Little Mac from Punchout, which is always a plus, but he seems to have let himself go a bit from his boxing days :P.

    I can't help but wonder if this game will make the cut to be released outside Japan. I kind of hope so, but I don't remain optimistic. Would be an especially big pain since the Wii firmware update that killed the freeloader.

  3. I'd love to be able to make this-I love Penny Arcade in general and every year this sounds so awesome. Just a shame I'm ever so slightly in the wrong country D:

    What sort of stuff will the One Ups be playing Mustin? Recently ended up buying the volume 1 album, that arrangement of Schala's theme really swayed me towards doing so. Awesome stuff.

  4. ;Thanks to the folks with nice things to say.

    Thanks for the linkage Atmuh, I shall definitely take part in future ones, but isn't the deadline for this one like... now? xD

    I do have something old I can contribute to the competition if that's allowed-a sketch of Cortez from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. Nothing great, but he's the best zombie-pirate-ghost I know, had to draw some sort of tribute with lack of fanart out there.

    I figured submitting something not done specifically for the contest deadline might be a bit cheeky.

  5. I've played through the game 3 times now, achieved the FOX rank, which was pretty satisfying. More satisfying was using Stealth, Bandana and other goodies to doss around on a third play through, explore all the maps fully. Big Boss rank seems ridiculously punishing, so not sure if I'm going to bother going for that.

    Loved the story, tied up the loose ends convincingly, not much of it seemed made up at the last moment to me, as I had expected for the whole Patriots plot line. Not going into details, but the full extent of the story tie ins to MGS3 (my favourite in the series) were shocking-not in a bad way, but more than a few jaw hits the floor sort of moments lol.

    Enjoy MGO a fair bit, I was dubious at first, but am pretty into it now.

    My character name is Luketh (but am on the EU servers, so don't bother looking for me if you're on the US ones). Someone above said something about a clan for MGO-do you guys actually have one?

    On the issue of 360/PC porting for MGS4, this link seems relevant http://kotaku.com/5042205/kojima-to-world-+-stop-asking-about-mgs4-on-xbox-360

    To be honest, I don't really care what console the games for as long as it doesn't suffer for it and I don't think MGS4 does. Would rather see new games from Kojima than time spent on porting MGS4. A next gen Zone of the Enders could be pretty epic.

  6. So I joined the forums to wish bLiNd well after seeing it on the front page of the site, didn't really intend to post afterwards but have done so a few times anyway. I thought why not give posting a go, because I've gotten a lot from OCremix over the years, and it seems like a pretty decent community.

    I don't have a musical bone in my body, but I'm somewhat of amateur fanartist, and a fair amount of my sketches have been done with some OCremix or another providing the main inspiration. I thought if I posted a handful of them with credit where credits due, a few of the mixers might see and get a kick out of them, even though they're nothing amazing.

    First up is my most recent finished piece, a Chrono Trigger fanart inspired by Adadoss' "At the End of All Things" OCremix. Bit of a weird composition, with Lavos' destruction breaking things down, which reform into the End of Time:


    Next up is a Twilight Princess fanart of the Skullkid and his Puppets, which I drew and wrote a little accompanying backstory to with DarkeSword's "Tattered Slippers" OCremix in the background:


    This one is a little less than inspired, but I was nonetheless happy with it: Shadow of the Colossus fanart done along to Celli and Sephfire's "Snowfall on Forbidden Lands" remix:


    Finally, this one's a bit older, FF6 fanart of Kefka admiring Ifrit in a holding tube in the Magitek factory. HEAVILY inspired by McVaffe's "DevilSLAB" remix.


    So there we have it. I've got more fanart on my deviantART page, as well as a few misguided attempts at originality xD the rest of the fanart is either inspired directly by the game music or... well... a bit crappy. If anyone's particularly interested, I can post the link.

    Feel free to drop me some comments or feedback, there's much room for improvement in my art, I know!

  7. i'm not trying to get high and mighty pal. i posted my experiences so people would know i have some. i hope you don't really think i wanted praise cause you are sadly mistaken. i hate my work as do most film makers. i saw an interview with george lucus who said he won't even watch his star wars films. just as an example.

    for most of what you said i have no problem hearing. but for the fourth or fifth time i do know how to take criticism. i have been doing this for a decade now. yes only the past couple years has my film making been serious. but i have been hearing about problems with my films for ten years. and i don't care what you do. i didn't ask.

    all i wanted was to post a fan film. that's it. excuse me for living.

    See, there you go, avoiding the issue. You were clearly getting high and mighty when you dismissed peoples earlier criticisms on the grounds of "I'd like to see you make a better film, what are your qualifications?". With me, you've subverted the issue, making excuses and getting prickly.

    I mentioned my own qualifications because I suspect you would've dismissed me on lack of qualifications to comment otherwise. And if you think I'm acting like I'm being some pompous qualification dropping ass to impress you, as your reply implied, look in the mirror. You did exactly the same thing. And why? So people would know and not try and call you out on it.

    I am aware that most film makers see the flaw in their work. Your citing Lucas an example is hardly comparable; he can't watch his old work in a sort of "What was I thinking?" sort of way. It's not really the same as making a film and instantly hating it, not just being displeased with it. Besides, if you disliked it right off the bat, I'd have thought you'd keep it private rather than share it with the world.

    I'm sure you can accept criticism too, but you're sure as hell not doing a very good job of showing it. To be honest, I don't give a rats ass what you do, I never said you couldn't post your film, I didn't rudely blow off your film which some members of this thread did. Being a petulant child about things and saying "EXCUZ ME FOR BREATHING LOLZ" makes you look like more of an idiot than me.

    I'm merely expressing my opinions on a public forum thread that asked for them-sorry you didn't seem to like them, but I said myself you're welcome to ignore them if you wish. They are just opinions.

    I just tried to clarify that there are better things to do with your time than to argumentively jump to the defense of every post and that in doing so, you've overlooked some very good points raised. Plus you still havn't actually given any more details on the film or it's structure-I was genuinely quite curious.

    By all means, continue to get prickly and make excuses, but you're only making more of a public spectacle of yourself.

    Give it up or drop the attitude. This thread stopped doing itself any favours 3 or 4 of the long attempts to be constructive ago.

  8. Wow, buddy-I have just read this whole thread. Stop fixating on the Joker/Sweet Tooth thing. If you weren't so defensive, people probably wouldn't be riding you so much about it.

    I don't think everyone is saying you copied Heath Ledger's Joker-admittedly some are, but as other people have said, the internet is full of critics, not neccessarily all of them will seem rational to you. The fact of the matter is, even without copying the character, having a psychotic clown character, lanky, grungily dressed with a knife you should be expecting these sort of comments.

    It's like imagine after Spielberg made E.T., if a student film project featured a small, wrinkly friendly alien with similar motives in a different plot. Of course people are going to pick up on the similarities; they may be coincidental or purely superficial, but a shaved monkey could recognise they were there. A blockbuster film would be held back by the studio until sufficient time had passed before the release to avoid such backlash.

    Stop taking these as attacks and just take the criticism, or stop posting altogether, because you're clearly not getting what you wanted out of this thread. Saying "you raise some good points" through bared teeth doesn't help anyone, and getting angry and arguing only costs you your dignity.

    Fact of the matter is, you've got to be confident enough in your subject matter that people can look past the similarities. So stop getting angry at people if you're truly confident that the full film would shut them up, otherwise you getting angry is merely showing your inability to handle criticism. And think about that, because a commercially successful film still gets it's share of damning critics reviews.

    In my personal opinion, Twisted Metal without a budget is a terrible choice if you don't want to do lots of car based action scenes, just because the story is not really that significant other than providing an excuse for OTT destruction derbys and car fights. It'd be like making an F Zero movie without futuristic cars, except you don't have the luxury of a scifi world to fall back on.

    I mean, sure you can still make something, but how pointful is it at that point to use a known license rather than aim for something similarly themed, yet original?

    Sweet Tooth's 'killer clown escaped from mental institute' is already a rather cliche subject matter, but it is something to work with. I have yet to see you relay a clear beginning, middle and end structure for your movie. This would've given people a better idea of what to expect beyond the clown character, which from the trailers you obviously intended as your primary focus and draw, hence the focus on Sweet Tooth which is making you so angry.

    The potential is there, I'm guessing something along the lines of:

    beginning: escape from institute

    middle: meeting Calypso, promise of wish on some condition involving conflict

    ending: Sweet Tooth's wish coming true ( I can't remember his actual game ending)

    I doubt it's anything ground breaking, but if it was that easy to make a good video game adaptation, I'm sure they'd have a better rep in Hollywood, letalone the indie film community.

    I'm sure your film is passable, but I'm gonna have to agree with people that the snippets of acting in the trailer are not really respectable and that if the whole film is like that I would feel pained to sit through it.

    I don't think anyone's saying making a film is easy, but clearly you posted this in the hope of praise and were upset to be met with criticism and in fairness I think a lot of people would. But know your audience-I mean, come on, internet forums are anything but forgiving.

    There's some harshness in this thread, but there are also more than a few kernels of truth. Take it on board and know that this is part of the learning process, who knows your future projects could be great.

    Do yourself a favour, don't skim read this, pretend you've taken it on board when it's actually just made you mad and proceed to get irrationally angry by misunderstanding my restating the Joker point.

    Also, do not try to get all high and mighty with 'awards' and ask what films I've made or what my qualifications are. If you must know, I do Film Studies (as in analysing them, not making them) at university and am on course for a 1st degree, but I think that's irrelevant here beyond the fact that I played the Twisted Metal games back in the day, am an avid gamer and film lover/appreciator.

    If it really does just feel like I'm rubbing salt in the wound, just take the fact that I've wished you luck for future projects, recognised some of the potential merits of your film in spite of the flaws and leave this thread with a little dignity.

  9. I've been downloading OCremixes for years, never thought it was worth signing up to the community, because I don't really have a musical bone in my body and am not much of a forum person these days. But I do really respect and love what you guys come out with, got about 300 OCremix tunes sat on my iPod.

    I saw this thread on the front page, it caught my curiosity, I clicked and immediately thought I would sign up, if only to convey this little message, because I'm sure there must be countless others like me who won't bother to do so.

    bLiNd is a very talented remixer, I don't even know how many times I've listened to the likes of Blue Vision, Dream of Zeal, Space Cowboys and White Skies, but I don't think it really matters. The point is they've moved me and all I had to do for it is to utterly impersonally click a button to download.

    Regardless of illness or not, I believe he has a right to know just how talented the nameless nobodies like me think he is, how grateful we are to have access to such great inspirational music for free... and I guess most importantly, how much we wish for his good health.

    All the best to you man, my thoughts and prayers at least are with you and the family and friends around you. I sincerely hope everything works out ok for you with a squeaky clean bill of health.

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