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  1. Yeah... It's kinda make take and mix on Dire Dire Docks, but I understand if it gets kinda confusing. I've gotten that a lot, I might have to find a way to change that around.
  2. I have an updated version of the remix I've been working on. Trying to get it ready for a contest submission. Any feedback or changes would be appreciated. Thanks! Song link: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8988504
  3. they are nice! :P around 2:03 on dire dire straits is a little bit confusing for me but I really like how the rest of the song flow together. I never played dragon warrior before but I love how it sounds. and super metroids Red soil swamp was awesome I like this mix a lot.

    well once I get a lot better at understanding how things work on FL studio, I plan on going more trance and some techno, I'm not to close to making music yet but I'll keep at it.

  4. When or if I do make music... It's been Techno, because it's the easiest to make, lol. But, here lately... I've been making video games music remixes. Check out the first 3 songs on my page, if you get a chance, please. http://www.soundclick.com/motoldm

    How about yourself?

  5. oh I see. well its working for me so far. so what type music do you make?

  6. Yeah... It will unlock the demo, because the demo already has all the features

  7. my download didn't come with a read me. but I figured out how to get to work though. so its a modified version of the demo?

  8. Make sure you read the readme file, first... Or you might not able to unlock it.

  9. My bad... I meant BPM (Beat per minute), but I'll have to go back and re-evaluate the situation. I'm trying to take everyone's opinion and see what I can incorporate in the song. Once again, I appreciate the feedback, because anything helps.
  10. Yes, about Fruity Loops 9... The full version. Do you need it?

  11. where you talking to me when you were messaging me?

  12. Consider it done. I sent you a message, but I don't know if it was private or not, lol. Thanks for the help!
  13. If you want to check out my music, go to

    My Soundclick Page: Motol DM

  14. I appreciate the advice. My music page is...

    Soundclick Page: Motol DM

    The first 3 songs at the top of the list are my game music remixes.

    1. Dire Dire Straits

    2. A Knight's Disdain

    3. Coolin' Down the Red Soil Swamp

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