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  1. Yeah... It's kinda make take and mix on Dire Dire Docks, but I understand if it gets kinda confusing. I've gotten that a lot, I might have to find a way to change that around.
  2. I have an updated version of the remix I've been working on. Trying to get it ready for a contest submission. Any feedback or changes would be appreciated. Thanks! Song link:
  3. When or if I do make music... It's been Techno, because it's the easiest to make, lol. But, here lately... I've been making video games music remixes. Check out the first 3 songs on my page, if you get a chance, please.

    How about yourself?

  4. Yeah... It will unlock the demo, because the demo already has all the features

  5. Make sure you read the readme file, first... Or you might not able to unlock it.

  6. My bad... I meant BPM (Beat per minute), but I'll have to go back and re-evaluate the situation. I'm trying to take everyone's opinion and see what I can incorporate in the song. Once again, I appreciate the feedback, because anything helps.
  7. Yes, about Fruity Loops 9... The full version. Do you need it?

  8. Consider it done. I sent you a message, but I don't know if it was private or not, lol. Thanks for the help!
  9. If you want to check out my music, go to

    My Soundclick Page: Motol DM

  10. I appreciate the advice. My music page is...

    Soundclick Page: Motol DM

    The first 3 songs at the top of the list are my game music remixes.

    1. Dire Dire Straits

    2. A Knight's Disdain

    3. Coolin' Down the Red Soil Swamp

  11. Very interesting track... I have to admit, I don't expect much from Drum n' Bass tracks, because most of the ones I've heard, people just overlay drum n' bass over the original track. I like the variation from the original tune. It seems that it needs some rap lyrics, lol (but, I like it as is) Keep it up, man!
  12. I have the full version, I'm sure I can link you to where I got it, cause I know it's a pain to create music and not be able to save it.

  13. I would like to get some feedback on some of my stuff to see how my progress is coming along.. But, I won't hijack the thread, cause it's bad etiquette, so I found out when I first started posting on the forums. I guess what I mean is... That I have a decent understanding of the interface, but I want to do some crazy effects with my music, not just adding filters, etc. here and there.
  14. I also use Fruity Loops, it takes some figuring out... and I think I have the basics down. But, I'd like to understand the interface a bit more to create more production quality music.
  15. I'll see what I can do... The drum loops won't match up though, cause they're set at 120bmp. So when I change it, the beat is offset with the melody, bass, etc.
  16. I know you're probably busy, but if you get a chance... I'd like for you to take a listen to my lastest remix and let me know what you think. I appreciate it.

    Here's the thread

  17. I edited it a bit to give an idea of what it would sound like with some new drum loops...
  18. Thanks, I'll look into making those changes.
  19. I'm working on a remix on the Dire Dire Docks song from Super Mario 64. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks! Song link:
  20. I think I am finished. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. Thanks... Finally, some feedback... I really appreciate it, ZealPath and Emunator, Time to get to work.
  22. No one? My deadline is the weekend, so anything at all would helpful, thanks.
  23. I've been working on the famous Dragon Warrior Overworld song and am looking to submit it. Please let me know what you guys think, so far or any changes/corrections that would be helpful. Thank you! Click here for song
  24. Agreed! Mash-ups are awesome when done right. Which this one definitely is! I like to see more video games with video games mash-ups and video games with artist mash-ups...