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  1. plus 1 ups were given out like candy in this game. and wario would cry with joy at the amount of coins obtained in this game.
  2. I agree. just got it yesterday. was amazed at how fun it is. well what made me get it was resident evil revelations. I have super mario 3d land also, It is fun buuuuuuuut easy, I mean like really easy. but enjoyable. MK7 though is fun. but it comes to your preference. just try things out.
  3. anyone play Raid mode on RE-Revelations? if so I'm always looking people to play with. also just got Mario kart 7.
  4. veeeeeeeerry interesting. might work on a project.
  5. Oops... I keep forgetting about this message area.

    (A belated) Thanks for the compliment :)

  6. I used a program called "wub machine" on your song Badazz and it came out quite interesting. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I put it on youtube? crediting you of course. but I would like permission before posting it.

  7. I would like to join, but I've only played a few of the games like Baten Kaitos and the beginning of Eternal Sonata and Valkyrie Profile. if you don't mind a beginner like myself I will work on something. need to gain some experience and exposure anyways. so if you'll have me join then I'm down.
  8. I laughed so hard too your sig. XD I still remember that one time you made me a sig. they are truly awesome. hope you keep making better stuff. (b^_^)b

  9. 1. cause I enjoy my type of music, and assume everyone else feels the same. 2.Though I I'm not a OCRmixer. (though I would like to be) I submit cause Ansem told me too. but really I will submit cause its a goal that will help me improve my skills in this art that is OCR.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSwYVAcEEbw&feature=related I put this up on Originals but I've been told that it could work as a base for Persona 3. I made this on my Psp. but I plan on working on it in FL this time around. so Critique away, I'd really like too know what others think. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38403
  11. Just wanted to say the topic I made wasn't ment to be a "how to make a thread" thread. that is all.

  12. This was my first attempt with this Psp homebrew program "Rythem" its not that great but I felt like posting it up for some critique's. cause I plan on fixing it up on FL soon. but suggestions would and be appreciated.
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