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  1. fyi for those of you who have no clue what's being said about the off-key situation, the first note of the repeating bassline is about a half step higher than it should be, resulting in the melodic and harmonic guitar to sound off pitch and very painful to the trained ear... . i've been a musician for damn near 10 years and i cant listen to this piece in a sane manner due to that... if you dont have a real ear for music you may not pick up on it, it's very slight... but it stands out to me. t his is a great piece, very nicely produced with a great feel. i like the guitar riff and the way the b
  2. wow... this... this piece is so good. sooooooooooo soooo good. this remix is blowing my mind. i've had it on repeat for the last 90 minutes or so. i'm not even stoned or drunk or anything... the snap/clap rhythm with the hi-hat is a great background to the organ-type melody. the pseudo-tempo drop at 1:14 is insane. The sister phrases with the halfstep digress in pitch on the high pitch synth starting at 1:50 sends chills up my spine everytime i hear it. every. time. still. after 90 minutes lol. of course a bit of a smoother transition into the 2nd section would be great. the bells underneath a
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