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  1. Nirvana is awesome!! But here is my 2 cents on this topic: I liked Creed... when i was like 7. Now, they don't hold up at all. I got my Sabbath, Trivium, Disturbed, what have you. As for Limp Bizkit (stupid name IMO) is a guilty pleasure. For some reason, i turn Rollin' and Break Stuff on, but then i want to turn it off again because Durst can't rhyme worth a crap. He made a whole new level of suck, and only the Jonas Bros and rappers can are there to keep him company.
  2. Lol, this got me to go download it, I have been wanting to get a good FPS game. Thanks for tipping me off to this. Looks fun (and i dont have to worry about if my computer can handle it or not). Hopefully this doesn't die out anytime soon.
  3. Thank you so much for making this! The original one from the DKC is one of my favorite video game songs. Your version makes it even better. A very well done remix! Thank you so very much for making it, and i hope you remix more songs from the DKC series.
  4. Wow! This song is so catchy! I loved the song in the game, and this is easily as good, if not better! Really good.
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