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  1. Congrats dude!

  2. Nice! It's downloading like crazy right now!

    Well, here's to my end of the bargain eh? ;) I'll have to reinstall Steam, but I'll give you a like!

  3. Well, I for one thinks it's cool to see you back around here, didn't think to see much stuff from you since this last post. As a matter of fact, there's this super duper cool NES remix album coming up. Don't suppose you could be tricked into making a remix for it? :)!!

  4. Hey, we're trying to get some steam rolling on igNoring thE craSh! Might you be interested in doing a mix, now that attention is being pushed towards it? ;)

  5. No problem dude, just making sure that we get that music back online ;-) As said, perhaps you could check out vk.com, I'm not entirely sure how the uploading of music works over there but it supports the uploading of high-quality, 320kbps tracks. Plus, you won't need to pay bandwith or anything else ;)

  6. Obligatory bump'n'up! Dude, have you got a repository of your music anywhere on the web? Or a place to upload it to? I thought it was ideal when I wanted something else to listen to :(

    Oh, bu the way, I noticed that some users on vk.com still have some of your tracks (including Helena's Trance - brilliant!) but I'm still missing out on a lot of the other goldies...

  7. Dude! Where did your website go :o

  8. Hey man, how about you throw the stuff you have now on your website in a torrent? That makes downloading it a lot easier :razz:

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