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  1. This has been updated, and the dead link's been fixed.
  2. This was updated recently. Everything was re-recorded. The link has been updated to the new version.
  3. This was updated recently. The orchestral stuff was re-recorded. The links have been updated to the newest versions.
  4. I updated this cover within the last week. A lot of work went into it. Too much to mention here. Links have been updated to the new versions.
  5. I updated this today. Check the original post for the updates.
  6. It's not quite a new remix, but I did do a lot of extra work re-recording everything. https://jdharding.bandcamp.com/track/s-k-lava-reef-zone
  7. Please delete this topic. Outdated information.
  8. I wasn't sure if I should post this here since it's not a remix, but it did take a lot of work to cover. This is my largest song I've ever produced in size and magnitude. Each instrument was recorded in full length on it's own track. Usually I do some copy/paste magic, but I couldn't do it here since the notes change often. The source file is 5GB in size. Vocal Version Instrumental Version
  9. Another little cover I did of one of Porter Robinson's and Madeon's songs. https://jdharding.bandcamp.com/track/shelter
  10. Just a little cover I did of one of Porter Robinson's songs. https://jdharding.bandcamp.com/track/language