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  1. is it after calss yet???

    also where can i buy ur albium>

  2. fyi u lost.


  3. This report was due two weeks ago. You are talking to the king of procrastination.

  4. I'm actually excited for my orgo labs. From what I've heard, they pale in comparison to what I'm doing now.

  5. It's only 3 here. But no, no finals. Lab report. It can be seen as my final, I guess, but the thing is just ridiculously long (I'm at about page 20, not including the four appendixes)

  6. Sorry FR, but can't have you talking about that anymore.

  7. oh sweet.

    get me tickets to the next u of i mich football game.

  8. that it now burns when i pee and it's all her fault.

    and that i saw you live in Michigan so naturally, being from U of I, i must hate you, even if you don't attend either of the finer universities.

  9. ann arbor is a whore

  10. Yeah. Actually I remember posting in another thread dealing with some asshat about the orginal TF. I think I got a warning for that.

    Also woo unbammed.

  11. No, the join date is correct. I knew about this place as long as spleen has, but I had dial-up, so even lurking wasn't possible.

    I joined remod before this place. Then I started playing on the OCR TF2 server, and joined OCR so that I could get a reserved slot. Yesterday was the first time I posted anywhere other than the TF2 thread. Feel honored by my presence.

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