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  1. Post more... Where'd you go?

  2. check your inbox when you can

  3. We really did. I was actually watching the game, and it felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. GM gave Galarraga a red corvette today, so I'm sure that eases the pain a little :]

  4. tigers more like LOL ROBBED OF PERFECT GAME

    no really though as a fan of the a's *and giants since both are bay area yea i know i cant be fans of both but i am * i think you guys got jacked mang

  5. welcome back to the intarwebs my dear friend

  6. I just found my glasses so I can read the internet again!!


  7. And my heart has been cut open again. I definitely noticed they lost.

    btw, I just asked my dad to give me the tickets for the first Red Wings vs. Blackhawks game at the Joe next season. I like your team. Chicago is rumored to be one of Heatley's choices for the trade. Original Six, something something.

  8. fyi u lost.


  9. I'm from northern Alberta, Canada, so I am an Edmonton fan, but man were they frustrating to watch at the end of the season. Always digging holes they would almost get themselves out of, but not quite. Could have been in the playoffs quite easily, but nope. My roommate is a Detroit fan, so I watched some Red Wing hockey and it was such a breath of fresh air! Theres some unreal Talent on that team. Datsyuk? You kiddin me? That guy is friggin unreal. I don't think anyone in the league could be as valuable as he has been with the points he has. Only 1 goal but noone can say a thing bad about him, cause hes that good! whos your favorite player?

  10. Oh my gawsh, there's another hockey fan on here? Awesome, just awesome. I feel so alone.

    Anyway, yes, I will be glued to the tv for game 7 this Friday. I would be going if my dad hadn't sold all of his playoff tickets...lame...but oh well. It is going to be the most intense Stanley Cup Finals showdown the NHL has seen in a long time. I can't wait!

    Go Wings!

  11. Hey Artesu, noticed your Chris Osgood props in your sig. You watch the game tonight? Should have gone to OT at least! Gonna be a killer game 7 though... With a solid Detroit win of course

  12. um, hi. i need moar chars so i'm writing

  13. Hi. Ten characters?

  14. Hey Archaon, I think you might like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movin%27_Out_(musical)
  15. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    I quit; being annoying is exhausting.

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