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  1. u lucky u made this post, because my first respost was probably going to get me banned. i like your music so we coo. anyways, yeah, my point was this thread turned from being a discussion as to why people cool with having internet ppl in their house, and now it's a giant circlejerk. I mean it's cool meeting some internet people but I guess I'm more of a laid back person when it comes to that topic. It's great that they make good music and shit, but I'd much rather leave internet to internet and just hang out with the real person and have a good time doing fun stuff. But like the thread start
  2. I remember when this was a good thread. Before all of the LOL's. (seriously stay the fuck away from my house)
  3. Got the game running from a specific fix on an unreleased emulator. I plan on buying this now. You should too. Pretty much the only downside is the movement, which isn't bad at all, but that's about the only complaint I've heard so far. (you move by pointing the stylus in the direction/location of where you want to go)
  4. That was in a hotel lobby. We drank later. Plus a couple of us (me included) are under 21, thus, drinking is a bad thing to do in public. Also I do not trust anyone from GenDisc that I have not played TF2 with.
  5. damn straight motherfucker they put me in the game. I'm still not sure if I want to buy this, since it seems the novelty would wear off and then I wouldn't play it anymore. still trying to play the rom but hard to do with the shitty emulators they have out there (I don't have an R4 or M3 or whatever else there is)
  6. I don't know what the fuck they are talking about waiting for an hour. Probably an achievement or some xbox bullshit. It's a fun playthrough. It's a 2D puzzler, with an interesting enough twist to keep you hanging on. Each world is different and challenging. But again, it's a 2D puzzler. Don't like those, you won't like this. If there's a demo, get that. Also replay value = speedruns, and that's it. Maybe nostalgia of how fun it was but yeah. Except world 2. You will always hate world 2. also I thought you were gollagahagagaga so you got an actual response. consider yourself lucky
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/26800/ Braid, $5. If you don't have it, you better fucking get it.
  8. i'm cool with sniper limits. 2 snipers is all a team should ever have. sure it sucks if you want to snipe and can't because there's some douchebags sniping, but that's when you abuse admins and kick them so you can play but yeah don't class limit anything more than that. every other class (besides maybe scoot and medic, depending on the map) can still win if everyone is that class, or if too many people are that class. sure, nobody would like to win that way, but yeah, it's possible. don't even try to say it's possible as a sniper. just look at sniperfort. half the team is snipers and it ta
  9. Apparently I spilled something on my keyboard yesterday...my keys are so sticky. Also class limits are stupid.
  10. Really the whole thing behind this "trust" can be summed up simply. Internet != rl People can be dicks on the internet and be the coolest people you'll ever meet at a meet-up. I've heard rumors that atmuh is a pretty cool dude. Also the whole thing about there being more than one of you in a group, so naturally if one dude decides to fuck shit up, the rest of the group would probably decide to a) stop the person from doing that, or fuck that person's shit up. Plus being in a community setting long enough, you tend to understand that no predators and generally fucked up people aren't goin
  11. Rambo came and fixed it right after you left btw.Also seriously why the fuck is yukon still on the rotation. That map barely gets one round before it gets rtved.
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